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History of online slots

Online slots like on Wizard Slots did not just suddenly appear one day. It has a long history behind it and it all started with mechanical land-based slot machines. Find below a short overview of the history of online slots, starting with mechanical slots.

Development of the First Slot

The very first slot machine was developed in 1891 by a company called Sittman and Pitt. It had five drums and 50 playing cards in total. It cost only a nickel to play and could be found in a lot of bars. To play, players first had inserted their coins and then pull the lever. Players would win if they could line poker hands up on the reels. To give the house the advantage, two cards were removed from the slot.

Since the machine itself did not have a payout system, wins were collected at the bar. Prizes were free drinks and cigars.

Slots with Automated Payouts

Charles Augustus Fey created the first slot machine with an automated payout system between 1887 and 1895.  To do this he had to reduce the complexity of the win on the machine. He did this by replacing the five drums with three reels, and the playing cards with just five symbols: spades, diamonds, a liberty bell, hearts, and horseshoes. A player hit the jackpot if they landed 3 Liberty Bells.

Fruit Slots

Slot machines were banned in 1902. Since cash prizes were no longer paid out, the era of the fruit machine officially started. These machines contained fruit symbols and the prizes were chewing gum and sweets of the winning fruit flavour.

First Electromechanical Slot

Electromechanical slots were the first step in the direction of online slot games. Back in 1964 was when the first entirely electromechanical slot was created. The reels might have been electronically powered but, the lever stayed put. Money Honey was the first slot that could to make an automated payout of maximum 500 coins.

Video Slots

A company called Fortune Coin developed the first video slot in 1975. Its screen was a19 inch Sony TV.

In 1996 WMS Industries Inc. released Reel Em, the first slot with a bonus round and second screen. When the bonus round was activated a completely new screen opened up.

Online Slots

Along with the internet came online casinos, and with online casinos came online slots. The first online slots were merely duplicates of land-based slot machines, with the same number of reels and paylines, as well as identical symbols.

However, modern online slots have changed the game. Not only do they have more reels and paylines than the initial online slots, but they also come in a variety of themes and with bonus features.

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