Developing the skills for managing change
A Chartered Management Institute case study

Page 1: Introduction

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Change is something that happens in businesses all of the time. Change can occur in an organisation’s internal or external environment. As a result, this process of change is constant. Change management looks at the drivers of change in the business environment. Effective managers are proactive in creating solutions to improve the organisation’s performance. They must then manage...
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Page 2: What causes change in a business

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Every organisation faces challenges from within the business. For example, the internal environment might be affected by inefficiency, changes in the workforce or high levels of staff absenteeism. Organisations also face many challenges in their external environment. These might include legislation that set new standards, advances in technology or changes in the market or the economy. Importance...
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Page 3: Managing change

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Change is inevitable and needs to be handled effectively. To remain competitive organisations need to continually look for more efficient and effective ways to operate. Change management is therefore high on the agenda for many organisations. Managing change involves a transition from A to B. As this takes place, managers need to handle the challenges that may come up during the process. At the...
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Page 4: Barriers to change

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There can often be barriers to change. These can include: the culture of an organisation resisting the power structure managers feeling threatened by the process of change resistance from employees a lack of understanding about why change is to take place a lack of communication or trust employees fearing the unknown. Effective managers take barriers to change into account. They do this during...
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Page 5: Evaluating the management of change

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As change takes place, it is important to monitor and evaluate the results of the change programme. This involves relating the changes to the original strategy and objectives. If changes are not evaluated it will be difficult for managers to determine how well they managed the process. Monitoring and review will also help them to understand where further improvements may be required. If, for...
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Page 6: Conclusion

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Organisational change takes place for a number of reasons. Often this is because of changes in the internal and external environment. Organisations implement changes to increase the effectiveness of the business. Change can be a complex process and there may be barriers to overcome. This is why implementing change programmes within an organisation requires effective managers. CMI training and...
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