Communication the key to success


 Introduction This case study focuses on the issue of communications. It describes a range of ways in which organisations communicate with their workforce in order to:- help employees understand fully what they are required to doprovide feedback on how well they are meeting that requirementgive them an opportunity to share ideas on how products and services can be improvedlet them know how the company is succeeding and its plans for future development. FKI is a multinational group of companies engaged mainly in engineering. It has member companies in the UK, the USA and Europe. The independently managed Companies within the Group are involved in design and manufacture and supply a wide range of high tech solutions to engineering production and services, to the material handling, hardware and automotive engineering industries. FKI member Companies have customers throughout the world and have earned an international reputation as leaders in their field. Building and maintaining a reputation such as this is gained by dedication to quality and technical excellence – a clear priority when meeting customer needs. This means that the Companies must stay ahead of competitors in aspects of quality and innovation. But it is the people within those companies who are…

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