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Critical pieces of technology during COVID-19

The Coronavirus has forced a huge number of innovations to be made across many different industries. There isn’t a single line of work that hasn’t been impacted by this terrible pandemic, yet as always, the human race has developed technology that has allowed us to take the necessary precautions throughout. This isn’t just true from a safety perspective either, for technology has needed to be flawless to allow businesses to continue as much as possible. 

We will be taking a look at the very best innovations that have allowed us all to keep functioning throughout this pandemic. We really would have been lost without the three innovations mentioned in this post. You can check out full details for each in the categories below. 

Contactless payments

As much as many nations around the world such as the UK and Australia take contactless payments for granted, this is still cutting edge technology in other countries. In essence, contactless payments allow you to just tap your card onto a machine so that payment is processed. This removes the need for you to grab the machine, enter a pin number, and so on. Of course, this is hugely important to reduce the transmission of COVID-19. 

It’s funny how we all just made payments via this method on auto-pilot before the emergence of the Coronavirus. But now, it seems that we are more aware of the functionality and importance of contactless payments more than ever. Of course, this doesn’t apply for when you are making online payments, as we all do on sites like streaming services, online casinos, and various eCommerce platforms. 

However, contactless payments have undeniably played a huge role in helping to control the virus on a global scale. 

Electronic hand sanitizer

This technology has been around for many years, but it’s never been used to the same effect that it has in recent months. You can find this technology everywhere in 2020, as it is primarily used to dispense soap in washrooms. Ever since COVID-19 has caused so much disruption, this technology has transitioned into a much more public setting. Now we can see electronic hand sanitizing stations in malls, stores, high-streets, fitness centers, and any other establishment where the threat of Coronavirus is still very real. 

The main reason that this has been so important is due to the lack of contact between a person’s hands and the dispenser itself. Of course, it all operates on sensors, which is why it has proved to be so effective. It would be hard to deny the impact that electronic hand sanitizing stations have had since lockdown measures have been lifted in many countries, and who knows where we would be without them. 

Virtual calls for business

The last piece of technology we’d like to discuss is virtual voice calling software. This has been absolutely pivotal in helping businesses to operate as best as they can throughout the Coronavirus outbreak. Interestingly, voice calling software has been around for quite some time, yet it hasn’t been as notable or received as much attention as it has in recent months. Many years ago, individual voice and video calls were still considered amazing, and the most prolific company at the time was Skype.

These days, however, businesses can add many people to a video call, and the quality of these calls is very good indeed. Technology such as Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business has been critical to the continued success of many businesses, and indeed, many industries as a whole. They have enabled quick and functional communication so that businesses could keep moving forward and in turn, prevent economies from collapsing entirely!


There are other bits of technology that have been amazing throughout this pandemic too. We believe that technology such as contactless temperature checks, drive through testing sites, and many other things have all helped to keep the world moving as it should. It’s amazing that despite how advanced and technical all of these things are, we all pretty much take it for granted and don’t think about the hours of research and development that has gone into these things. 

With a bit of luck, such technology will continue to exist without the main purpose being a reduction in the transmission of a deadly virus! 

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