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Cycling Trends In 2023

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Post pandemic, cycling is making a comeback with renewed energy! In 2021, the biggest story in the Cycling World was the new 12-speed Shimano Dura-Ace. This year has seen significant trends in cycling innovations. If you are interested in knowing the significant trends in the Cycling World that have gained prominence in the wake of 2023 in the UK, keep reading!

The New Integrated Cockpit

The structure of this cockpit has been made more adjustable. The crafting of the cockpit has brake hoses and gear wires that have been concealed, and aerodynamics have been brought to life by merging bicycle bars and stems.

The new integrated cockpit middle ground has ensured that you cannot swap items and stack spacers below or above easily like the 2020 bike models. If you need to change the bicycle handle on this cockpit, you will have to change the complete bicycle cockpit.

Tyre Clearance

Light race bikes have seen the dominance of disk brakes in 2023, and this has made manufacturers at liberty to produce an unlimited amount of tire clearance. 2023 has seen more ample tire clearance become a crucial highlight in the launch of new bike specs in the UK, along with increased stiffness and saved watts.

In 2023 there is space for 34mm rubber and bigger tires have come along with added advantages such as added comfort, lower rolling resistance, and a better chance of the tubeless sealant performing its purpose effectively.

Boxing Clever

Boxing Clever is a creative aero addition that is gaining popularity in 2023. We have witnessed bikes that have precisely positioned and shaped bottle spaces from the previous bike models, the famous one being Campagnolo’s white one.

In 2023 a company such as BMC is experimenting with a more advanced bottle space by bridging the gap between the rare tube and the seat tube with a custom-made aero module box on whose top you can place your water bottle. An example of this bicycle is the “Time Machine” bike from the Swiss brand.
The most radical innovation was probably the Orbea orca Aero’s cargo foil box situated between the down tube and the front wheel.

The Electronic-Only Frame 

One of the bikes which have been a trendsetter in 2023 is the Cervélo R5. Apart from embracing the bigger tires and the integrated cockpit, the bike is ideal for electronic group sets only. The cycle has allowed an efficient manufacturing process with fewer holes in the chain set.

Another example of an electronic bike that has taken 2023 by storm is the Vielo which has come up with the 1x specific bike that works on SRAM AXS-only, and it has no holes in the chain set.

Shimano has come up with the two top-rated bikes for the road group sets, namely Ultegra and Dura-Ace, and we expect the next flagships to have electronic-only frames.

Electronic Shifting.

STRAM became the first company to introduce electronic shifting in 2021, going into a middle-range group set. Still, now in 2023, UK’s Shimano has the top two Ultegra and Dura-Ace as electronic group sets. Even though UK’s Shimano has decided to go silent on their next technology that is forthcoming, there is a possibility that 105 Dis2 will be among that technology as they are working on the prototype.

Cyclocross Bikes with Wide Clearances

Cyclocross (cross bikes) has recently gained popularity, especially among amateur racers and weekend warriors in the UK. A significant number of cross bikes have large wheels that make transversing obstacles much easier. The front fork could drop away during technical sections but the rider doesn’t need to worry about tripping over the front wheel. But since cross bikes have designs for off-road conditions, many people don’t realize that some have loose clearances when you check in between the frame and the handlebar. These bars can wrap around your hand or elbow if you get involved in an accident or fall, and this will cause severe injuries. There are clearance numbers printed on the bottom bracket shell to prevent these accidents. On a typical downhill mountain bike with the front fork extending up into the head tube, the ideal minimum clearance must be about 50mm. This number will reduce even lower if you have a new “all-mountain” design bike with approximately 45mm (1¾in) of minimum clearance.


2023 has seen significant trends in the cycling world with the introduction of new bicycle technologies and new advanced accessories. However, the bicycle model you may consider purchasing should have the critical safety aspects of lighting and brakes. If you happen to get a cycling accident that you have not caused intentionally or one that the negligence of the manufacturers has caused, we have you covered.

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