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Does Brick and Mortar Marketing Still Work? The Data Suggests Yes

There was a point in time when brick and mortar shopping was the only way for purchasing goods and services. No matter what you wanted, you had to head out and go to the shop to get it. Whether it was bread for dinner or a stylish outfit for a party. With the internet completely integrated into different parts of the world, the metrics and headlines have been dominated by eCommerce. Despite all the gloom and doom, in-store shopping remains and so does brick and mortar marketing. Let us review some of the strategies that will draw potential customers.

1.  Build creative product packages

An effective brick and mortar marketing strategy is to offer creative product packages to shoppers. Leaders need to think out of the box and offer something unique to them. It can include things like outdoor dinner and movie packages, or guided tours, and step-by-step videos about a product. There should be something that adds value to the consumers. 

2. Promote in-store and curbside pickup 

Instead of promoting traditional foot traffic at all times, a unique brick and mortar marketing strategy is to promote curb-side pickups. In-store pickups can lead to additional purchases and the curbside pickup can be used with targeted promotions. You can also use window envelopes to lure customers into the store when they come to pick up their items. 

3. Use dynamic creative technology 

A lot of retailers have had to shift to a digital-first strategy because of online shopping. But by adopting a dynamic creative optimization technology, it is possible for brands to adopt the online message in real-time. When you personalize an experience, it will generate customer loyalty and will build a customer base that will lead to an in-store experience. 

4. Build an engaging online presence

It helps to create an engaging presence online. You can use the model of unified commerce where the brand reflects the products you offer. When you create a compelling site, it will bring the customers to the store who will be willing to engage in product experiences. It will also help elevate the brand as one that is ideal to shop in person. 

5. Use Google My Business

The first place where your consumers will search for a product is Google. So Google My Business must be your main tool to drive communication and foot traffic. You can provide a safe shopping environment and flexible buying options. Allow them to access important information, omnichannel options, and services. 

6. Encourage appointment shopping

All of us love the personalized attention and with appointment shopping, you can give a unique in-store experience. It is a unique opportunity to grow the retail business and provide greater personalization by tying the digital and physical data together. No matter what you are offering, in-store experiences will become the first choice of many. The store will transform into an experience center and it will lead to an increase in traffic. 

7. Create loyalty programs

Loyalty programs are not new in any way but they are an ideal way to reach out to the customers and show that you value the business. You need to use unique social media campaigns to promote loyalty programs so that repeat buyers will be encouraged to head to the store and make the most of the deal. There are many different ways you can use loyalty programs to attract customers and increase sales. Keep the product and brand in mind when building a marketing campaign around it. 

The future of brick and mortar

The future of brick and mortar marketing is not as bleak as people may think. With the latest marketing strategies, it is possible to transform the way consumers look at the process of purchasing. Amazon Go has aced brick-and-mortar stores. When you head into the store, you do not need to worry about cash or credit, simply use the Amazon Go app and buy whatever you want and walk out. The app will charge the card. There are various types of technology that can revolutionize brick-and-mortar shopping and marketing. But certainly, brick and mortar marketing is here to stay and thrive. 

The marketing strategy will work if implemented efficiently. You need to keep the customers at the forefront and integrate the right marketing strategy for the business. These tips will help create a marketing plan that works best for you. It will also help increase traffic and generate interest in the products. Ensure that brick and mortar marketing is not a one-time thing, you need to continue to offer different opportunities to the consumers to walk into your store and take a look at the products or services offered by you.

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