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7 B2B Video Marketing Strategies You Must Know

Are you looking for marketing methods to reach other businesses? Would you like to give B2B video marketing a shot?

If you want to build a strong online presence in 2021, videos should be a part of your marketing strategy. As 65% of people are visual learners. They prefer watching videos to learn about things instead of reading pages and pages of content. 

And video provides the opportunity to get more creative and go viral. Therefore, I am sharing my top B2B video marketing tips below…

Create an audience persona:

The key to getting any marketing strategy right is to create a persona. Quite often people make the mistake of trying to reach everyone with one piece of video. This is a mistake because when you try to reach everyone you need to create content that pleases everyone. It’s impossible to do this. As a result, no one is pleased with what they see. 

So, stop trying to please everyone with your videos, and instead create an audience persona and then create content to please this individual persona. To reach multiple audiences you should create multiple personas and then create different videos to please different personas. 

And don’t build this audience arbitrarily. Conduct solid research with methods such as surveys, interviews, empathy maps, and then create the persona. This will help you get much better results. 

Create both public and gated content:

When people think of video content, their mind automatically jumps to networks like Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok. These networks should be an essential part of your video marketing strategy. But they alone won’t suffice. Your video marketing strategy should also include gated content such as courses and webinars. These types of content will help you build a list and that’s where all the money is. 

When you have a list in place, you can promote your products and services to them. You can also use the list to promote your videos and drive more views. List building will ensure you generate a better ROI from all the time you put in. 

Keep videos short:

A lot of people create really long videos to deliver value. These videos can help with certain niches, but in B2B shorter videos are better. As the people you are mainly trying to reach are business owners and other higher-ups at a company. These people are very busy. They have a hundred and one things to do every week. So getting them to watch long videos can be difficult. Instead, if you create videos that are less than a couple of minutes long you can generate a lot more views. So, hire a good video editing expert to help trim down your videos while maintaining quality. This is because deleting all the content you created can be hard. 

Always have a call to action:

Always have a call to action in your videos that asks people to sign up for your email list or buy. The call to action should depend on the type of video you create. If you create a sales video that will attract buyers, your call to action can lead to a landing page where they can buy something. While if you create a tutorial or another type of free content, you can send them to a lead magnet landing page where they can sign up for something. 

If you have a well-optimized blog, you can send them there too. 

Work with influencers:

There are a lot of B2B influencers out there. Influencer marketing isn’t just meant for B2C. So, use a good influencer marketing platform, to find B2B influencers. These people could either have large followings on networks such as LinkedIn or YouTube or they could have a large email list that likes consuming video content. 

Influencers can either help promote products and drive sales or they can promote your channel and help you gain followers. 

Just make sure you vet these followers to ensure their engagement and following is real. If you don’t want to risk paying an influencer, you could try affiliate marketing. This way they will only get paid if they drive sales. But you need to vet sales here as some influencers can spam you with fake sales. 

Create better thumbnails:

Most social networks let people turn off autoplay. Instead of the video playing, these people will see a thumbnail. This is why you should work with a graphic designer to create an attractive thumbnail. 

If you don’t have the budget to outsource. You can use a free tool like Canva to create your thumbnail. 

It will help attract attention and generate more views. 

Use ads:

The problem with influencer marketing is that scaling requires much more effort. As you need to get more influencers to work with you. This can take a lot of time. One way to reduce this time is to use ads. Scaling with ads only requires you to increase your budget. This is straightforward and much simpler. 

Video ads can also generate more clicks and sales. So, your ROI from video ads will be higher than static ads. 


Hope you found these 7 B2B marketing strategies useful. You don’t have to implement all of them immediately. Start with 2 to 4 and then use the rest. 

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