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Does the rule of automatically winning when you collect 5 cards apply in online blackjack?

Blackjack games are popular pastimes for most players at home and at other venues. The game has simple rules that are applicable in both home, landbased casinos and in online casinos. However, there are unique rules that are exclusive to some forms of blackjack with 5- Card automatic win being one of them. The automatic 5- card win, also called 5- card Charlie applies an automatic win to a player when you collect 5 cards without going bust. This gives a player an edge and naturally is not very supported at online casinos since they need to sustain their gaming activities. Despite this favorable rule for the players, the odds of collecting 5 cards without going bust are very high and range at 50:1.

Is 5- card win in Blackjack Accepted in Online Casinos?

5- card win is not widely accepted in online casinos and even where it is available, you would need to research hard to find an online casino that accepts this rule. It is even rarer to find it in landbased casinos and the true position is that it is almost nonexistent in land casinos. However, for playing recreational games at home, the 5- card win rule is common and readily accepted.

Other rules that Accompany the 5- Card Charlie Rule

Just like in the regular blackjack variants, there are other rules that are applied together with the 5 card automatic win. This includes the usual rules such as splitting your bets, double down, side bets and insurance among others. For instance, in splitting your cards, you would need to get 5 cards for each hand for the rule to work. Additionally, once you hit a win by collecting the 5 cards, the round would end and you would not have to beat the dealer to win. Only one win is thus acceptable for every round.

Why 5 cards Charlie is not Popular in Online Casino Gaming

Online Blackjack is among the casino games with the lowest house edge. While this games are not very profitable to the casino, which is in business and needs to cater to its operating costs, 5 card automatic win would further lower the house edge. In this case, players have a higher chance of realizing more profits and in turn this could drive the casino operator out of business. The avenue out of this situation would lie in providing more https://toripelit.com/netticasino/ and games with RTPs that favor the casinos.

However, even the online pokies returns are regulated and casinos cannot simply have unfavorable RTPs that are unfair to the players. In this regards, 5 Card Charlie is not likely to be widely accepted in online blackjack.

Other Automatic win Blackjack Variants

Automatic win is not only applicable to 5 cards, but there are other rules that apply when you collect a certain number of cards. For instance, despite the rare chance of collecting 5 cards without going bust, you can win by collecting more cards in the following rules.

  • Blackjack 6 card Charlie where you automatically win by collecting 6 cards.
  • Blackjack 7 card Charlie where you collect 7 cards and win automatically

Wining Strategies for 5 card Charlie

It is evident that chances of winning this way are slim but it is still possible. To improve your chances of winning, you can employ some strategies and skills just as you would in regular blackjack games. This includes making proper decisions and choosing when to take a specific action. Some of the strategies include:

Proper bankroll management

Since the chances of getting the 5 cards automatic win are low, you should desist from chasing a win and only pursue the 5 card win when you have already collected 3 cards and analyzed the chances of winning when you get the extra 2 cards.

Timely decisions on when to hit or stand and knowing when to double down.

Doubling down would increase your winnings when you get the 5 card Charlie payout.

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