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The Hardest Casino Games to Play

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Part of the thrill of playing casino games comes from the challenge behind them. Winning a game makes players burst with joy, while losing leaves them upset and willing to understand how to win next time. Still, the attraction they feel for the game remains present each time.

The Five Most Challenging Casino Games

If you are new to the casino world, it’s natural that you’d love to know about the most demanding games of luck out there. The more your playing skills grow, the more you’ll find challenging games irresistible. Here’s a list of the most demanding casino games to play.


What’s complicated about blackjack isn’t its rules but the different options that arise once the dealer puts the first cards on the table. In this game, you’re ‘in battle’ with the banker, and you need to beat his total with a hand that can’t exceed 21. Obviously, one has to be lucky to hit this goal, and with casinos using different strategies to increase the house edge, winning is hard.

One thing that surely helps every blackjack player is jumping in the game with common sense under their sleeve. Learning some basic offensive and defensive strategies will give you more advantage over the dealer despite obstacles like their downwards-facing card. In short, counting cards, knowing when to hit or stand, and splitting your cards only when necessary will give you more chances to win.


No other game tops the complexity of craps that comes from the number of rules and the rich lingo players use. Add to that the fast playing pace, and you’ll get a game that’s nearly impossible to understand during the first few tries. Rolling 7s or 11s sounds easy, but things get more complicated once the dice hit the table’s edge.

Scientists have talked about dice roll control, which is a ray of hope for many players in love with this challenging casino game. Of course, you could try doing this to be at greater odds of winning, but we recommend educating yourself about craps. Also, choosing bets other than the pass line one is definitely worth trying if you’re willing to be a craps master!


Roulette has been nurturing the fun-seeking spirit in players since the 17th century and has a worldwide reputation as one of the toughest casino games. Everything about this game is compelling, from the sound the ball makes as it lends in a pocket to the many bets you can choose. What makes roulette hard is the relationship between all the bets, odds, and the probability factor.

There are ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ bets, with versions of the game favoring different house edges and attractive player advantages. Some variations include the La Partage rule and others the En Prison rule. There’s even a form called American roulette that offers players’ odds of 38-1 with a payout of 35-1! Getting a good grip of the game’s versatility takes time and patience.


Famously related to a notorious scandal, baccarat is a fun game that’s confusing even for people who’ve been hitting the baccarat table for a while. Some may call it a blackjack twin, but a few rules make this game even more formidable. What most differentiates it from blackjack is the option to bet on both the banker and the player. Because of this, baccarat is more complicated.

The game’s philosophy is based on getting a total of nine or close. To win, you have to come up with a gameplay strategy that lowers the advantage of the casino and increases your chance of having good hands. Avoid betting against winning streaks, smartly decide when to bet, and be aware of how the game’s variations affect your results.


Having the best hand in poker requires self-control and knowledge in how people act when faced with different game scenarios. Of course, knowing the basic rules of poker is a must, but if you don’t know when to bet and fold, you won’t capture the pot. The same applies to situations when players bluff too hard instead of relying on mathematical strategies to win.

You might scare players by going all-in constantly and playing high stakes, but in the end, you’ll lose. However, if you have the patience to let your bankroll increase at a slower pace, you’ll see yourself winning rounds. Our last tip would be to go with the flow and ‘feel’ the direction the game is taking. In other words, feel free to use a flexible playing strategy.

Learn and Practice Before You Start Playing

Each of these games is entertaining in its own way, but don’t let the thrill of playing hit your wallet hard. It’s highly important to learn about and practice the game you’re interested in if you want to be successful in it. To get your skills up before hitting the casinos, check out goodluckmate and try your luck! Finally, when at the table, a cool head will help you be in control of your gameplay.

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