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Editing Your Videos The Smart Way

It’s the 21st century and everyone with a smartphone has the potential to produce videos. In fact, we are in the age of SaaS which means that there are tools that can assist you from start to finish of the editing process. You can use an online video editor to aid you in the process of creating something engaging, fresh and appealing. Here are the top five video editing platforms on the internet.

Canva – from graphic design to motion picture

What started as an online image editor has now transformed into an all-in-one marketing tool for content creators. You can make anything from social media stories to Youtube covers easily, especially with their huge database of both free and paid resources. You can decorate your videos or images and export them in whatever format that you want – or you can even share it directly through the app. The best part is that all of your templates are automatically saved and you don’t have to worry about losing a well-loved or efficient design because it’s all stored on the cloud, including any materials that you have originally uploaded.

Adobe Spark – better late than never, creative arts giant joins the fray

Adobe’s Creative Cloud is no stranger to creatives all over the world because they offer powerful tools to everyday consumers on a subscription basis, but no longer. Today, you can find Adobe Spark, their first fully free online video creator. With existing themes and templates, you will be able to mold and meld it into something that is completely yours. While it is great for those who are just starting out to create videos, it doesn’t require any technical knowledge, which means that you won’t learn how to cut and paste or create snazzy transitions.

Lumen5 – you don’t need to be a specialist to make a special video

If what you’re looking for is more of a concept or 2D infographic type of video, you can’t go wrong with Lumen5. It gives you the option to create flashy promos out of your blog posts and can provide readers a fun video to watch that gives them an idea about what the blog post is about. With their drag-and-drop interface, you don’t have to worry about any of that technical stuff. All you need is an eye for design and aesthetics and the rest will be taken care for you. Of course, you will have to do some tinkering in order to get it exactly right, but you won’t have to do anything from scratch, which is always the hardest part of video production.


With so many online tools and online applications available, it means that you have more options to play with and find a platform that suits you. You don’t necessarily have to go with pro tools that have a steep learning curve in order to create a simple video that you want to share with your friends and family, or an infographic to show clients what your brand is about, or to connect with your audiences.

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