The importance of customer service at Enterprise Rent-A-Car
An Enterprise Rent-A-Car case study

Page 1: Introduction

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Most people probably think they know what Enterprise Rent-A-Car does. It is in the car rental business and operates a fleet of more than 850,000 vehicles. However, Enterprise Rent-A-Car has quite a different idea of what its business is all about. In Enterprise's view, the business it is involved in is customer satisfaction. This is a characteristic that it shares in common with every...
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Page 2: What is customer service?

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Customer serviceis the overall activity of identifying and satisfying customer needs. Giving customers service may mean giving them excellent service once, e.g. providing refreshment and a place to sleep for a busy traveller on a journey. More often it refers to the whole process of meeting customer needs time and time again and giving them a better service than they expected. Enterprise is...
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Page 3: How is customer service data collected?

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When Jack Taylor founded Enterprise his motto was simple: 'Take care of your customers and employees first, and profit will take care of itself.' However, when a company grows it can become more and more difficult to give customers and employees the same sort of personal attention. As a successful business, Enterprise grew until almost inevitably some cracks in customer...
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Page 4: The impact of customer service

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Most customers prefer good service to lower prices. Think about all the situations where you are prepared to pay a little extra to get a better or more efficient service. Companies that give these added service benefits are likely to be winners. They have a competitive advantage over rivals. Enterprise Rent-A-Car believes that customer satisfaction is an investment. It is the equivalent to...
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Page 5: Costs and benefits analysis

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In deciding whether to carry out a business action it is helpful to weigh up the costs and benefits. One major element of cost for Enterprise is the time, effort and cost needed to collect the survey information and to publish it. The survey is done by a third-party independent company and is all telephone based. This consists of more than two million customer contacts each year and therefore...
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Page 6: Conclusion

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Everyone at Enterprise is rewarded on the basis of giving customers what they want great service. There is no better way of promoting a business than through word-of-mouth recommendation. The ESQi tool provides a simple way of collecting useful information to measure this service. The survey focuses only on what is important - top box scores. Loyal customers come back to a business time...
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