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Experts’ global – providing holistic MBA admissions consulting service

Experts’ Global – Providing Holistic MBA Admissions Consulting Service

Navigating the landscape of the MBA admissions consulting particulars can be challenging as the admissions processes for the world’s top MBA programs are extremely selective. The student may not be aware of the several nuances in preparing their MBA application as the Admissions Committee pay great heed to these small aspects in selecting specific profiles to the program. It is to avoid such hidden pitfalls that most MBA aspirants choose to apply with professional MBA admissions consultants. Experts’ Global is one such MBA admission consultant, who, for its 360 degrees understanding of the admissions process, has been able to help the students secure admits to elite institutions.

End-to-End Admission Consulting

An important feature that sets apart the Experts’ Global MBA admissions consulting service is the sheer breadth of their offerings. Whether it is theme-building, resume-writing, or the entire application management etc., Experts’ Global has a dedicated team ready to handle every aspect of the MBA admissions process.

School Shortlisting

The numerous options of MBA programs can become immensely overwhelming for the MBA aspirant. However, the admissions teams at Experts’ Global, with their encyclopedic knowledge of the specific program offers and their ability to aptly read the profiles and determine the best fit provides the much-needed help to the MBA aspirants. They are able to shortlist the MBA schools by carefully analyzing important factors, such as the students’ career goals, geographic preferences, financial realities, scholarship opportunities and the duration of the program.

Interview Training

The interviews form a crucial factor in the MBA applications process and the team at Experts’ Global, through their well-constructed interview training system, ensures that the students are thoroughly prepared to ace the interview. The MBA interview preparation begins the moment the applications are submitted. It is conducted in three phases wherein the student first learns of the fundamentals of the MBA interview presentation, the instruction delivered by a series of videos. Next, the student answers 30 of the most common MBA interview questions. This helps the interview mentor understand the student’s specific learning requirements. Thereafter, the interview mentor conducts several rounds of mock interviews, interspersing them with review sessions to keep the student clear on their progress.

Clear Feedback

The Experts’ Global admissions team believes that it is necessary to accept one’s weaknesses to be able to overcome the same. Hence, they follow the policy of providing honest feedbacks. Such brutal honesty may sting at the outset, but students have always acknowledged the effectiveness of such no-nonsense coaching, in the long run.

Theme Building

A characteristic feature of the Experts’ Global admission consultancy is theme building. That the strongest profiles are the ones that tell a story is the premise that guides the essay-writing team at Experts’ Global. The writing mentors, likewise, knows just how to string together the MBA aspirants’ experiences and ambitions into one compelling narrative.

Well Defined Application Process

An extremely structured and methodical system is followed at Experts’ Global to handle the myriad aspects of the application process. It is but natural to lose track of the admission deadlines and the program-specific requirements. However, Experts’ Global has streamlined this process into a system of milestones, to be tracked and fulfilled by the student and their mentors. Thus, the students take one step at a time and are able to complete the application process comfortably.

Rich Content

Experts’ Global MBA admissions consultancy practice abounds in self-study resources. In particular, the video essay series on each individual aspect of the application process, such as resume writing, application management etc., also helps the students to work independently, should they so desire.

Team Quality

The admissions teams at Experts’ Global are masters of their art. Highly motivated and highly experienced, the teams own incredibly nuanced information of the globally ranked business schools and have the finest knowledge of the entire MBA admissions process. Importantly, these teams are also highly organized, which makes it incredibly easy to maintain contact with them.

Guiding Principle

Experts’ Global MBA admissions consultants see their “clients” as students or mentees. Thus, the mentors see themselves as teachers and like every dedicated teacher, they work to ensure their students’ success.

A clear methodology and organized approach, thoroughly backed by research is what distinguishes Experts’ Global’s MBA admissions consulting practice. That is why they are the first choice for thousands of overwhelmed MBA aspirants.

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