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Famous authors weird habits simplify essays writing process

Weird Writing Routines that Help Famous Writers Be More Productive

Even the most famous writers are constantly searching for a special strategy that will help them to handle their daily battle with the muse. Believe it or not, but both –  the well-known author and college freshman struggling with the essay or term paper writing task – face times of darkness, when inspiration fades away and words don’t come easily. Fortunately, the literary icons have worked out some special training rituals, some weirder than others, in order to stay productive and produce thought-provoking texts. You’re welcome to use some of them to get into the creative state of mind needed to complete stunning essays!

Face the Wall

The famous author of the novel “Blue Angel”, Francine Prose finds her perfect place for writing. In order to stay productive, Prone has found a special solution – she moved her desk to ensure it faces the wall. While such a technique may sound weird for you, it actually helped Francine to sit and produce excellent prose for a long period of time.

Writing Naked

If you happen to be assigned with an urgent writing task and stuck in the middle of nowhere, remember Victor Hugo’s kinky writing habit – composing writing pieces…naked. Just like you feeling stuck in a deadlock, the author of “Notre-Dame de Paris” had tough times when creating his masterpiece. To win this battle with the lack of inspiration, he ensured his clothes were confiscated so he wouldn’t leave his place until he’s done.

Coffee Solves Everything!

If Honoré de Balzac lived today, the Starbucks cafés would have the most loyal customer ever! Almost 50 cups of coffee were an everyday must for the French novelist. That’s how much coffee the author drank every single day to get some inspiration to keep on writing. According to some studies, the writer hardly slept when he worked on his “La Comedie Humaine.”

Lie Down & Write Horizontally

George Orwell, Winston Churchill, Mark Twain, Woody Allen…All these iconic minds have something in common – they switched their creativity mode on every time they’re lying down! The bestselling authors caught the desired inspiration to write while lying in bed. Among the “horizontal writers” were also Marcel Proust, Edith Wharton and the author of “The Breakfast at Tiffany’s” Truman Capote. So, if you’re struggling with your college essay, why not grab your laptop and search for some inspiration in your bed?

Get Tired

Franz Kafka was the one, who really liked to exhaust himself to death. Needless to say, he actually succeeded with his strange habit – the author died from tuberculosis when he was only forty years old. But that’s not the point at the moment. The German-speaking writer was on a busy 24/7 shift and had no time left for writing. Being constantly on the verge of collapse, Kafka worked on his novels and stories while handling immense sleep struggles.

Acing Out Your Stories

Aaron Sorkin, who’s a screenwriter for “The Social Network”, likes to act out every dialogue he stands behind. Once the award-winning scriptwriter broke his nose in the process of acting since it was really exciting! When you’re assigned with the task to craft a story, make certain to act out the plot, but be careful and get yourself hurt when being carried away.

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