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Finnish books that can be easily translated to English

Finnish literature is one medium to understand the different landscape of Finnish mentality. Finnish books and novels are the windows to one’s mind. Even though you do not understand the original language, you can experience the culture since there are several books translated into English. Their literary spirit especially evidences the Finns’ active cultural life. Several Finnish literary works are translated into multiple languages for global audiences, and the reputation of Finnish writers is expanding worldwide.

Finnish is the language used by the bulk of the people in Finland and by old Finns outside Finland. It is one of the two state languages of Finland and an accepted minority language in Sweden. In Sweden, both standard Finnish and Meänkieli, a Finnish dialect, are used. The Kven language, a dialect of Finnish, is addressed in Northern Norway by a minority group of Finnish descent.

There is no better method to get to appreciate a country than to read its finest literary treasures. Our picks for three of the greatest Finnish books will take you into the country’s history in the interest of authors and parts who will lead you in a direction that story books or small pictures never could. For global audiences, these Finnish books can easily be translated into English with the help of professional Finnish to English translators. Wait for a calm day and then curl up near to the fire with these Finnish literary masterpieces.

  • The Unknown Soldier

Printed less than a decade after the ending of World War II, The Unknown Soldier (Finnish: Tuntematon sotilas) reveals the little-known tale of one of the two separate wars that Finland struggled the Continuation fight, between the Soviet Union and Finland. It uses the individual stories of many common Finnish fighters to represent a bigger picture of the nation at war as a whole. The soldiers come from various areas and environments and have different opinions about the idea that they’re fighting, but through it all, a touching and memorable overarching story emerges.

  • My First Murder

You may have got wind of the trend of Nordic secret writers, and Leena Lehtolainen earns a place in that club. She wrote My First Murder in 1993, as the beginning of her list featuring investigator Maria Kallio, a classic heroine for the aspiring feminist. In this, her first trip, she has to investigate a crime that has happened amongst a group of modern, rich friends, and she reveals all the nasty puzzles of the group and gives a separate view of the country’s most significant social groups. This is a brisk, exciting read, and don’t worry there are lots of series after it.

  • True

In Riikka Pulkkinen’s discovery novel, True, a family huddles around their grandmother, Elsa, as she’s fading. As the time passes by, though, confused times and thoughts appear, and the whole family must face the face of memory that of the family’s previous nanny that had not arisen in decades. The granddaughter, Anna, wants answers in the purest form, but the novel instead searches the essence of both memory and emotion in all of their fluidity and flaw. This is a deep novel, full of emotional turmoil, challenging realizations, and very relatable psychological questions.

All these books are really great and translating them in English is a great idea to spread knowledge globally. Helping to assemble much contemporary Finnish writing in English is an opportunity and a heavy responsibility. While Finland’s effect in several areas is unusually high for a nation of its size, the literature of Finland has historically been sparsely expressed in English translation. For countless readers, the pieces displayed here will be the primary literature they’ve ever seen from land they know little about, and for several Finnish authors, this point is a rare chance to reach an English-language public. And Finland is a land brimming with eager readers and large numbers of really excellent books. To choose possible submissions for this point from among the scads of books written over the past few years would be a tough, almost impossible task. This way had the power of increasing our collective understanding, and also of coordinating translators with the activities they love, and love to translate.

The English Norwegian book translation is one of translation that requests for professional and ability. I think it is essential to understand the culture of the country in which the book is settled to avoid so-called culture clashes in translation. For this purpose, it is necessary to have in-depth knowledge of the English language as well as the Finnish language. The translators must translate it into the target language without conflicting with the author’s emotions. The authenticity of the text should be kept in book translations. You can translate all your writings in the language you want with ease.

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