Investing in safety
A First Group case study

Page 1: Introduction

Organisations have to establish priorities in order to help them achieve their objectives. Health and safety is particularly important for an organisation that provides public transport. Any organisation that carries passengers must take responsibility for them. This case study shows how FirstGroup, the world's leading transport company, has developed a safety culture. This culture places customer...
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Page 2: Health and safety legislation in the UK

There are a number of different pieces of legislation that govern health and safety in the UK. Some specifically govern working conditions and working with hazardous materials, for example, chemicals. These pieces of legislation provide legal requirements for employers to lay down standards of health and safety. These include for example: providing a written policy on health and safety and...
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Page 3: Health and safety - duties of an employer

Health and safety is one of the many responsibilities of an employer. Under the Health and Safety at Work Act the company and its managers can be held liable for injuries to employees and others. This means that individuals, as well as businesses, can be prosecuted for breaches of the law. Prosecution can result in unlimited fines or even in prison sentences. 'If you cannot do it safely...
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Page 4: Employee and customer protection

Organisations have responsibilities to their stakeholders. For example, they have a duty to pay their employees an agreed wage and provide them with a written contract of employment. The Disability Discrimination Act of 1995 was introduced to require employers to consider making changes to their premises in order to improve access for disabled people. Good employers go beyond all of this...
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Page 5: Benefits of a safe working environment

The focus on safety has contributed to First becoming the leading transport operator in the UK and North America. First realises that its staff are its primary resource in ensuring the safety of its customers. There are a number of employee safety practices developed by FirstGroup: Mobiles and motoring do not mix company policy states that no employee or contractor on company business can...
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Page 6: Conclusion

Organisations are responsible for the health and safety of its employees and customers. For transport operators such as First, health and safety has become a core value.By keeping and analysing records, First continues to improve its safety policies, going beyond the requirements of legislation. It has identified best practices which are shared with the employees across the company. This enables...
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