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Free plagiarism checkers for teachers are they reliable

The biggest worry for teachers today is if students are indulging in plagiarism. Thanks to the internet, the way students find and relate information and do their research has revolutionized. Plagiarism checker used to consist of students finding the right book and copying word for word in their assignments. Today it takes just a few keystrokes to do this. Students can easily cut and paste information from a website into their assignments.

To deal with this new method of cheating, teachers had to find plagiarism checker applications that would help them to find out if a student has cheated or not. This is not an easy task for any teacher. Nowadays, asides from checking if students have given the correct answers in their assignments, they also have to ensure that students have not cheated.

The easiest way for a teacher to check if a student has plagiarized is by copying/pasting the suspected sentences of paragraph/section in a plagiarism checker. If the plagiarism checker shows sentences have been copied from another site, you know that the student has plagiarized. 

Teachers do get to know if a student has cheated on an assignment. They pick up early clues that tell that this is not the student’s own work:

Writing Variations in Style

An assignment has short, choppy sentences with simple words. The next paragraph has long, complex sentences with subordinate clauses. This might indicate that this piece has been cut and pasted from someone else’s work.

Unusual Vocabulary

In class, your student talks using simple words and sentences and hands in an assignment that contains phrases that pop out. You know it’s not their own original writing style, and that raises a red flag.

No clear answer to an assignment question

The student’s assignment starts with a precise topic. After that, it consists of loosely linked together paragraphs that don’t make head or tail, and the theme is vague. This will indicate that your student is not handing in original work. 

Inappropriate Data, Statistics 

If suddenly you come across a bunch of data or statistics that seem out of context, there may be a chance that your student has copy/pasted this data from another source. Just to make the assignment look more scholarly than it really is.

There is no simple way of finding out if a student has indulged in cheating or not. These are just some warning flags that will make a teacher dig deeper. If students’ hand in typed assignments, the task of checking for plagiarism becomes much more difficult. The teacher has to type in the suspected portions and check them in a plagiarism checker offer by Searchenginereports

Selecting the Best Free Plagiarism Checker for Teachers

With a plethora of free plagiarism checker for teacher applications available on the internet, selecting the most suitable one will require time and testing. A teacher can Google ‘free plagiarism checker for teachers’ and over 2 million sites will be returned.

Now depending on the level of plagiarism checking required, the teacher can test the ones that seem to be most suitable for their work. Testing them is pretty easy as all free plagiarism checker for teacher requires just copy/pasting the suspected portion of an assignment and checking them. 

The results returned by the plagiarism checkers are quite comprehensive. They display the percentage of plagiarism and unique work. Each sentence that has been trapped as plagiarism is highlighted and the source site and copied sentences are also displayed.

Selecting the right free plagiarism checker for teachers depends on the subject the teacher is teaching. Since the applications are free to use, teachers should not have any difficulty in selecting one that is reliable, efficient, and easy to use. 


Thanks to the internet, there is a vast selection of plagiarism checker websites. As the competition is so fierce among the site operators finding a suitable one is easy. 

Teachers who use this tool to help them on checking students’ assignments have instructed students to hand in an email copy of their written work. Downloading an assignment from an email and copy/pasting and checking for plagiarism was never easier. 

Whereas the internet has created the headache of plagiarism, it has also provided solutions to check and highlight plagiarism. Warning the students not to indulge in cheating is an old practice of teachers. Nothing is more heartbreaking for a teacher than to discover that a student is involved in cheating. 

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