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Get your information about boating fines in Manibota from this article

When it comes to Canada, all the authorities which are authorized (for instance, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, RCMP for short and even police forces) are the ones who are responsible for applying the boating safety laws which appear in the Canada Marine Act. They will monitor your boating activity, and will inspect the boat if they need, all just to make sure that you’re following the law. If you’re not, however, and you’re doing some infractions (such as boating without your Pleasure Craft Operator Card (PCOC for short), you can get fines which can vary from place to place. Get your Manitoba license today!

We’ve written a list of the infractions you might do and the price of the fines if you’re not following the law in Manitoba.

Boating a vessel if you’re underage – $250

If you don’t take into account the given horsepower restrictions – $250

No proof of having the boat license or the Pleasure Craft Operator Card – $250

For careless boating – $350

Driving a personal watercraft (PWC for short) and you’re under 16 – $250 (keep in mind that PWC also includes water scooters, Jet skis WaveRunners, boat cycles and sea-doos).

Boating without the necessary equipment os the inoperative one – $200

For unsafe boating – $500

No lifejacket approved from Canada or no or PFD on board – $200

What you should keep in mind is that the fine is applied to each and every individual from the boat who does not follow the rules. For example, if you don’t have an approved flotation device, and your two buddies on board don’t have either, the fine will be multiplied by three.

No spotter watching persons in tow – $250

No extra seats in tow for other persons – $250

When you think about boating, you certainly think about fun, not about those plainly fines you receive for not following the law. Also, you need to think about the fact that those laws are not made to ruin your fun or to make your life a living hell, but they’re prepared to keep you safe. And the authorities don’t have anything personal with you, they’re just doing their job, so don’t yell or make a fuss out of it. To avoid all these scenarios, make sure you are always following the rules and regulations established by your province. If you’re not sure about them, or if you have some questions to ask (even concerns), don’t hesitate to contact your local authorities, they should make it all clear for you.

To make sure that everything runs smoothly from the very start, take the  Transport Canada approved boating safety course– you’ll learn about the things you need to do to be safe at all times and you’ll also learn more about your boat. It’s a small price to pay for understanding what you need to do to avoid spending lots of money in fines.

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