Meeting needs in a competitive sector
A Go-Ahead case study

Page 6: Conclusion

Public transport is at the heart of any economy. The public needs and demands high-quality, modern and efficient transport services, particularly in dense centres of population.

Go-Ahead has put itself in a strong position within this market by recognising the needs of car users e.g. Park & Ride and rail station car parking.

It supports the government's initiatives to create well-run, combined services. It has listened to its customers and other stakeholders, and continues to grow to give more efficient bus, rail, aviation and car parking links. This ensures that people can get to where they want with minimum fuss and least environmental impact.

Decentralisation gives Go-Ahead the flexibility to cater for local needs. Go-Ahead continues to grow in a buoyant market. It has many rivals, each offering attractive services to customers.

Go-Ahead | Meeting needs in a competitive sector



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