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Good Reasons to Hire Professional NYC Painters

Everyone wants a nice and pretty house. In most cases, this is not easy, if you don’t know the proper way of doing it. Of course, when it comes to “proper way”, budget is something that is, probably always, the main issue. The very first thing that comes on your mind, when you are trying to make your house prettier, is renovating. But, as you already know, this is the most expensive option. However, there is a great alternative to it. It is simple- painting.

While the painting is usually cheaper than renovating, the final result can be as good and noticeable, especially when it is done using the right colors, technique, and creativity. If you are tight on budget, DIY (slang for “do it yourself”) can be an option, but it is not recommended if you are trying, not just to do simple blank painting, but to add that decorating and creative touch to your painting. 

Also the quality is something that is not guaranteed with using this method (if you are not a professional painter yourself). But don’t worry, there is a quite nice solution for this too, which is hiring a professional house painter. Beware, before hiring there are few things that you should about professional house painting.

If you live in New York City or the area of it, one of the most reliable and trustworthy options for professional house painters near you is Silva’s Painting. Silva’s Painting is a professional house painting, family-owned, company founded in 1985.  With 35 years of tradition, there are doing all kind of painting jobs. Both interior and exterior painting and they also have a residential and commercial portfolio. That means you can contact them no matter if you are an individual or legal entity. In the description of their services, you can see that they answered on all, before mentioned, questions, and also they will provide you free estimation of works. Their services are very clearly explained, and you can see it immediately for yourself, through various photos of the works in the gallery section, as well as through customer reviews. Also, they are fully licensed and insured. For more information about their services and additional features, you can check their webpage.

Good Reasons to Hire a Professional Painters

Speaking of this matter, the first thing you need to know is what makes a house painter be good (professional) house painter? This question is something you should have on your mind to ask your potential painter while choosing which one you will hire:

  • Experience- It is very important that the painter is prepared for all sorts of situations. From simple things like knowing the difference between interior and exterior house painting, all the way to know what to do if the wall is damaged or to identify things like rot, and which tool will he use in different situations,
  • The difference- As mentioned, you must know when to call an interior painter, and when to call an exterior painter, even if it sounds the same, many professional painters can’t do both (of course, there are painters that can),
  • Preparation- This must be done, especially if it is an exterior painting job. For example, before starting to paint, the painter (if he is truly a professional) must know that he should clean the surface, filling gaps, etc… that is the secret to a lasting paint job.
  • Brand- Every professional painter has a brand that he prefers to use. You should ask for it, and check the information about it, to make sure that it is a high-quality product,
  • Way of working- By this it is considered that your professional painter will do extra clean up, furniture covering, and all sorts of other cleaning services by himself. 

Professional house painters in the area 

The second question that you should consider is, how to find house painters in my area?

There are a few ways to do this. You can type in your Google search “house painters near me”. It will show many different webpages with lists of house painters in your area. Also, you can add the word “recommended”, which will sound “recommended house painters near me”. This will profile your search and show you only those painters that have good ranking and reviews. Trustworthy webpages for these lists are all sites on the first search page such as Home Advisor and Yelp. For example, Yelp will list house painters and you can do an additional filter on that list. This means that you can sort them by price, rating, distance, category… The nice thing about Yelp is that it will show you the most relevant review automatically with the name of the professional painting company (or painter’s name). With this, you can immediately see which painter should you eliminate from choosing.

Another way of doing this is via real-life recommendation. In which someone (your friend, cousin…) from your surrounding will tell you about a professional house painter from your area with who we used to cooperate.

Professional house painters in New York


Aesthetics is something that is first to notice when you see some house or its interior. It is in human nature to strive for the perfect, your house is not an exception to this. Since there are many expensive options, in that “sea of expensive house make-up”, painting the house is probably the idea which will give you the best cost and benefit relation. Doing that painting yourself can finish the job, but probably the final results won’t be so perfect. “Calling the guy” is always an option. By guy, it means to call a professional house painter, of course, this is not the end. You must check if your house painter is the right one, in other words, is he truly a professional in his job? Asking the listed question can help with this matter, but everyone can lie, so the thing you need is a reliable recommendation. With Google search, and afterward with searching listed advising site search you can almost be sure that you will find the ideal one. But the thing that will ensure your choice of the perfect professional house painter is a real-time recommendation, from a person that doesn’t have reason to lie to you, such as a friend or cousin. It may looks complicated, but, as they say, beauty hurts, in this case, that “pain” is this process of finding the right painter. So, in the summery, if you want long-lasting and high- quality painting for your house (interior or exterior) you follow these steps when you are choosing your house painter.

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