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Helping your business gain and maintain international clients

In the modern world, many businesses are seeing expansions into countries across the globe by having a network of trusted international clients. However, knowing how to make such contacts can be a tricky task when you have limited time, funds, and resources, which is where some businesses can find themselves struggling. Luckily, with advances in other countries comes a whole range of tools you can use to help your business attract clients and maintain them for the long term. If you are struggling to find where to start, make sure you start off by following a simple guide to help you.

Make use of social media

Social media is quickly working its way into how companies market their products and services to a larger target group of consumers, but people are also recognising its potential in how they can use it to attract more clients. Innovations such as LinkedIn are not only being used as a way for companies to seek contractors, but also vice versa. By using public posting functions, people can instantly see which companies are available for work, and what you can do for them in the space of a few seconds. A mere instant message later, and you could be bringing another client on board.

Keep in regular contact

Once you have attracted clients, the hard work doesn’t stop there. In fact, you will need to remain in good contact with them to update them on the progress you are making. Emailing is always the go-to for this, but getting a reply can take a while, and it can be difficult to say exactly what you mean over a typed message. This is where international calling services are starting to step up to the mark. For a small fee, you can call as many businesses or clients as you need. For example, you could have clients across the world in Mexico, which means if you needed to call Mexico, you can do easily with a service such as Viber. In fact, if you call Mexico using Viber, as well as other countries, you could be paying the same rates as in your home country.

Set up business meetings

Staying in regular contact is a key part of keeping clients on board, but you will need to have a catch-up meeting at some point to discuss goals for the future, as well as to smooth out any issues that have arisen over the course of your agreement. This could mean taking business trips to where the client is located, where you can have a frank and conclusive set of meetings over the course of a few days. However, people are now also starting to use platforms such as Skype as a way of holding these meetings through video conferencing, without having to spend money on travel. This is a great option for smaller businesses, or for times when you need to be pragmatic about changes that have occurred. In any case, such meetings show your commitment to your client.

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