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Here Is All You Should Pay Attention To When Purchasing An Orthopaedic Knee Pillow

Many sleepers turn to between the knees cushions to increase comfort as they sleep. Knee cushions are small pillows exclusively made to fit underneath or between knees. Side sleepers usually use cushions between their knees. Inversely, back sleepers commonly place cushions beneath their knees. Utilizing an orthopaedic pillow promotes vertebral alignment. Without a knee cushion, the upper knee is placed on the lower one. This arrangement can disarrange the back, place strain on the hips, and generate pain. Using a cushion can decrease knee pain. Numerous cushions are ergonomically made to fit between the legs, promoting proper spine and hip alignment. When you want a cushion, you should get the best. Although respected brands, for example, Everlasting Comfort, offer superior sleep products, some companies utilize fluffy, hard-to-decipher wordings in describing their products. This makes it hard to determine the quality of their products. However, there are factors to use to get the best cushion. These are explained here.


Knee cushions come in three designs. Hourglass is the most ordinary shape and the cheapest orthopaedic knee pillow. The contouring of this shape lines up with your knees’ natural curvature for extra comfort. Wedge cushions are triangular, or half-moon in shape and are the best for side sleepers when situated below the knees. Nonetheless, they offer adequate comfort to several side sleepers. Body pillows are extraordinarily broad and made to run the length of an adult’s stature. Some persons tuck these cushions between their legs, resulting in less strain on the back and less rubbing between the legs and knees. Although body pillows aren’t necessarily planned to fit between the knees, many people use them so.

Do you sleep hot?

Many knee pillows are made of foam, which tends to suck up more body warmth than other materials. This can be an issue for individuals who naturally lay down hot, although the surplus heat is often isolated to the legs and knees, which might not be as challenging for some. The pillow cover might also specify how hot the cushion sleeps because cotton is likely to sleep cooler than artificial fibres.

Warranty and return policy

Some cushion manufacturers give a satisfaction guarantee that permits refunds and returns at any point. You can try the cushion for a certain period and return it if it doesn’t meet your needs. If you’re given a satisfaction guarantee, it’s more likely your cushion will not have a warranty. Some companies, for example, Everlasting Comfort, give a warranty that covers faulty materials and workmanship. Still, it would help if you perused it to know the duration it lasts and its terms and conditions. If your cushion collapses before the warranty period expires, you’ll get a replacement cushion or a full refund free of charge.


Because the point of a cushion is to elevate and separate your knees for enhanced alignment, you don’t wish to get one that’s too plush. A supportive orthopaedic knee pillow will assist reduce pressure on your knees and hips. Look for a product that’s stiff but comfortable. Knee pillows do not usually have an objective stiffness rating, meaning you will have to try it out to ensure the right firmness.

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