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Here’s Why Your Company Should Collaborate With A Branded Merchandise

Promotions are an integral part of the marketing scheme of brands nowadays, and branded merchandise is the easiest tool to do it. To define it in literal words, branded merchandise is any product that has the brand’s logo, name, or tagline imprinted on it.

With increasing competition, it is necessary to stand out. These products serve as a memoir to the users and contribute to building the singularity of the brand. It also helps in an easy accomplishment of the age-old “spread the word” tactic.

In the current times, there are many amazing merchandise curators, such as Camaloon, which have been successful in producing outstanding results in terms of escalated ROI of the client brand.

Here is a list of four reasons that elaborate on the importance of collaboration between companies and branded merchandise.

Brand cognizance

It’s high time that we stress the huge number of growing brands and MSMEs that are in search of recognition. But what distinguishes your brand from others are the modes of awareness you utilize to establish its identity and the kind of connections you build with the customers.

When an individual receives branded freebies such as t-shirts, bags, headphones, tote bags, etc., in an event or as a supplementary gift along with a purchase, it sets the impression on him/her that the brand cares about their association with them.

It’s not that they do not understand that this is a marketing strategy, but these products serve as a source of engagement. Good quality products are always gratified and leverage future shopping invites.

Thus, attracting them for further sales and conversion of substantial users into loyal customers, building a resilient sales funnel. 

Complimentary advertisement

The matter doesn’t settle after the delivery of merchandise, but it actually begins there. Statistics reveal that 50% of recipients use such giveaways regularly, and 60% consume them for a minimum of 2 years. These numbers reflect the amount of free advertisement received by the company for the aforementioned time with just a simple gift.

For instance, if a lady moves with a branded handbag in a public place or uploads pictures with it on social media, then she is similar to a walking billboard, advertising it exponentially with just a one-time investment.

Bid for business

Merchandise products also act as business cards in professional scenarios. For example, many companies offer pen drives as their promotional product, which contains information about it. A person may throw away a pamphlet but not a free pen drive.

This can be the first instance of contact between some investor or dealer and the budding brand, followed by the second one when it is used, and all information pops up on the monitor screen.

This is a psychological tactic to break the ice in non-connecting situations. The brand can further contact such people to carry on the business deals without having to explain much about its motives.

Team spirit

Employees like to flaunt their giant companies and tell without actually quoting about it. It also boosts their team spirits when wearing or using similar products in a professional event or meetings.

Thus, brand merchandise is an economical and sophisticated marketing strategy to build lifelong impressions and partnerships with customers and collaborators.

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