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How BGO stays competitive by reinventing themselves

It’s hugely important for companies and businesses to remain relevant in today’s online world. Companies that don’t risk falling behind competitors and losing out on revenue. Just take a look at MySpace, it was the most popular social network back in the early 2000s but quickly lost out to Facebook as it stopped launching new features, something Facebook didn’t shy away from. Meanwhile, Microsoft lost out on the mobile phone market to Apple and Android who both launched their smartphones long before the then biggest tech firm.

Innovation is particularly important in competitive markets as the competition is working harder and is just one step away. But this rule doesn’t just apply to social media sites and tech companies, it also applies to online casinos. The online gambling industry is one of the most competitive markets on the Internet, with new sites popping up every few weeks offering a generous new bonus or selection of games in the hopes of swaying new customers. This is why online casinos need to work hard to retain their customers and attract new ones, and one firm has gone above and beyond to do this; BGO Entertainment.

BGO Launches Chilli Casino

BGO initially launched as a privately-owned gambling website named Xbingo.com but relaunched in October 2012 as BGO Casino, a site dedicated to offering a wide variety of online casino games. The site has been around for over a decade and when you’re an established firm with a large user base like BGO, it’s easy to get comfortable. However, BGO hasn’t.

Instead, the firm is constantly working on launching new brands with different themes to provide players with a diverse selection of online casinos which appeal to different users. BGO’s latest brand is Chilli Casino, a website which uses the same general layout as BGO Casino but is themed on, you guessed it, chilli.

The new casino site, which launched earlier this year, is incredibly mobile-friendly and easy to use. It offers new customers a hot 100% match welcome bonus of up to £150 plus 150 real free spins on NetEnt slots with absolutely no wagering requirements, unlike most other online casinos. Despite its infancy, Chilli Casino has already been praised for its huge selection of games, excellent customer support and fun loyalty scheme.

Two More Brands and Lots of Promotions

However, ChillI Casino isn’t the only online casino BGO Entertainment has launched. Just last year the firm launched two other online casinos known as Vegas Luck and Power Spins. Both casino sites appeal to different users as Power Spins looks like it just sprung out of the 90s while Vegas Luck targets users who prefer cartoony and colourful online casinos.

The firm’s latest site, Chilli Casino definitely feels cleaner and more mobile-friendly than BGO’s older sites. It features Vegas Luck’s colourful nature but has been designed to be more user-friendly, now allowing players to filter through game providers easily, something that hasn’t been implemented on other BGO websites. Despite this, all of the BGO brands offer similar casino games, loyalty schemes and promotions.

In fact, one of the reasons BGO and its online casinos are so popular is due to its regular new promotions which allow players to win prizes including the latest technology, cash, bonus spins, cars or luxury holidays. For example, BGO’s latest promotion, known as the American Dream, sees the operator shower hundreds of users with the latest tech gadgets, cash prizes, bonus spins as well as several lucky users who win a road trip through the United States’ West Coast and vacations in Florida, New York and Las Vegas.

The promotions help excite players, providing them with a reason to check back regularly, particularly if the promotion consists of several different competition draws. Players who want to participate in these promotions need to wager and play at the online casino in order to qualify, which is great for BGO.


BGO continues to launch new promotions and brands in order to remain relevant in the online gambling industry. However, the rules and regulations surrounding online gambling in Great Britain are constantly evolving and becoming increasingly more strict, making it hard for BGO and so many other online casino operators to remain innovative.

This means it’s tricky for BGO to remain at the forefront of the market while remaining compliant to the latest rules, but they’re succeeding thanks to their refreshing new brands and countless promotions and competitions. It’s working and it seems BGO has no desire to stop.

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