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How Can London Businesses Benefit By Switching To Green Cleaning?

Switching To Green Cleaning

It is a known fact that we have done severe damage to our planet. Thankfully, both governments and members of the public are acknowledging this and beginning to make changes. People across the world are making a conscious effort to help the environment, from simple steps such as recycling to drastic changes and becoming self-sufficient.

Businesses of all sizes have taken measures to follow the trend, paperless offices are growing in popularity and lift-sharing and cycle to work schemes are popping up everywhere. However, many businesses are still causing damage to the planet by not taking provisions to ensure green cleaning. London office cleaning providers such as GCC Facilities Management are campaigning to help educate businesses within the Capital to make the right choice.

Working with an environmentally-conscious commercial cleaning company is a great start for London businesses, but no matter where an organisation is in the world, even the smallest of changes can make a big difference and if more sectors generate a demand for this form of cleaning, the more commercial cleaning companies and suppliers will be forced to change too. But what exactly are the benefits of switching to green cleaning in the workplace?

Increases Productivity

Even if company directors aren’t eco-conscious, they most certainly are concerned with the work their employees do.

Poor air quality can significantly impact productivity in the workplace. If conventional chemical cleaners are used within offices, fumes can become trapped in the air, especially within air conditioning units and cause low quality.

Studies have shown that employees within green working spaces performed cognitive tasks 61% better than those who are in conventional office buildings. When ventilation was doubled, this number increased to 100%.

With these figures, any business owner who wants the most out of their workforce should highly consider switching to natural cleaning products, even if it’s just for the good of the business.

Protects Employee Health

Chances are, most offices have a member of the team who has a breathing-related condition, such as asthma. Chemical cleaners can trigger attacks and in the worst-case scenario, death.

Monoethanolamine is a common ingredient in household and commercial cleaning supplies. This causes inflammation and negative effects on those with underlying conditions.

It does not produce any obvious sight or smells, so staff may not even be aware of what is triggering their conditions.

For this reason, it has been banned in many schools and nurseries, but few workplaces have regulations set in place. When choosing a green cleaning company, monoethanolamine will not be within any of their supplies.

Protect staff and visitors from harm and make sure these are not used at work.

It Saves Money

Businesses are always looking for new ways to cut costs. Making the investment into green cleaning supplies will save money in the long run.

Disposable cleaning supplies, such as wipes, towels and clothes, may seem like a cheaper option, but over the years, these add up. Purchasing reusable, washable items will significantly reduce bills, while also reducing waste.

Most cleaners, such as surface spray and window cleaner, can be made with common household cupboard ingredients.

By purchasing reusable bottles, businesses can create their own supplies at a fraction of the cost of buying conventional cleaners. The great thing about these being natural is that there is no worry about contaminating surfaces with chemicals, therefore, you can use the same cleaner for every surface, reducing storage space.

It Is Just As Effective

Even with all the benefits listed above, some companies are still reluctant to change. A common misconception of green cleaning is that it doesn’t produce the same results as conventional cleaners.

However, this simply is not true. As sulphates are eliminated in green cleaning products, it does require more effort to generate soap suds but will still provide the end results that chemical cleaners do.

We don’t just clean for appearances, but also to remove bacteria and viruses that could cause employees to fall ill. Natural cleaners may appear to some to not provide these properties.

However, vinegar has been proven to kill the common cold and flu viruses. Admittedly, vinegar does not leave a pleasant smell on surfaces, mix ½ cup of white wine vinegar with 3 cups of water and 10 drops of any essential oil and it creates a cheap antibacterial spray that is good on the environment.

By using reusable bottles to create these, single-use plastic is reduced significantly. Most chemical cleaners are contained within thick, non-recyclable plastics due to their corrosiveness.

Overall, there is little reason for businesses to not make the switch to green cleaning products and companies. It protects the health of everyone in the building while cutting costs and increasing productivity, with the same results as chemical cleaners.

The more demand for these services, the more cleaning companies will change, benefitting our planet for the better.

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