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How Co-browsing is improving the world of customer support

Customer service is an essential part of every business in today’s marketplace. With new technology continuing to spin forward, the need to be able to respond to customer inquiries quickly and efficiently is often challenging. However, thanks to something known as co-browsing, customer support can provide timely answers to retaining those customers.

What Is Co-Browsing?

Co-browsing is possible through the use of a specific type of software program. Co-browsing software permits both a customer and a customer support rep to view the same webpage at the same time. In other words, they are co-browsing the same content in two different locations. The co-browsing software gives the customer service agent the ability to navigate on the page with the customer able to view the navigation activity.

Here’s how co-browsing improves customer support…

1 – It Brings On New Customers

The onboarding process with new customers is basically two steps. You encourage signing up and then you encourage purchasing a product. Co-browsing actually assists with this entire process as you are in constant contact with the potential new customer. This is especially important should a new customer sign up but requires assistance navigating around your website. With co-browsing, your customer service department can act as an escort by taking that new prospect through the paces and introducing them to your purchasing process.

2 – It Assists With Troubleshooting

You won’t lose prospects because they are having issues finding their way around your website with co-browsing in use. The way in which this works is that your customer service reps will work along with your prospective new clients in addressing issues encountered along the way. The fact that your customer service department will have access to the customer’s computer screen means issues can be identified and corrected quickly. Your customer will be able to control what all is shared with the customer service rep as well as maintaining privacy.

3 – It Helps With Online Applications

For some internet users, filling out an online form or application can be a huge task. Co-browsing makes it simple and fast. Even if the form is fairly basic, there are times when a glitch may happen either freezing the screen or impacting the functionality of the process. With a co-browse option, a customer service rep can access the form being filled out and remedy the situation or just be there to assist with explaining definitions or what certain terms are in reference to the material being requested. The ability to assist in this way will lead to more completed forms.

4 – It Protects Privacy

Privacy will always be an issue of concern with online activity. However, with co-browsing support, a customer service agent doesn’t have access to everything on a customer’s computer. Yes, it will give them access to the same screen being viewed and if there happens to be sensitive material on that screen, the customer has the option to masking confidential information. For example, when filling out credit card information on a screen being co-browsed, the card info would be hidden from the customer service rep. Thus protecting private data.

5 – It Assists Online Sales

If you have had customers complain that they have difficulty completing their online orders, then co-browsing may be a solution to consider. The typical situation is that partway through a sale the customer encounters an issue or has a question about the sale but can’t find a way to resolve it. So, they opt for abandoning the shopping cart. That translates to a lost sale to you. With co-browsing in effect, a customer support team member could have assisted that customer and solved their problem. That would result in the shopping cart process being completed.

6 – It Increases Customer Satisfaction

You’ve heard it said many times over, being able to interact with customers and potential customers can go a very long way to building a good relationship. E-mail communication is effective, but not as effective as the real-time conversation one can have with a client using co-browsing software. The interaction is immediate and can result in solving problems, finding solutions and just making contact. Co-browsing also ensures the customer that you are really a human and not some kind of automated bot churning out answers based on keywords.

7 – It Personalizes The Customer Experience

We just touched on it briefly, but chatbots do serve a purpose. However, they are automated and really do not provide the same kind of human interaction that co-browsing can. Yes, polls, surveys, and newsletter sign-up forms all give you a way to connect with your customers but again, none of them are quite as personal as the co-browse connection. With real-time conversation possible with co-browsing software, using anything else is like taking a backward step in technology. Co-browsing personalizes the interaction experience for the customer.

8 – It Saves Time

Not only does co-browsing save time for your customer, but it is also actually meant as a tool that reduces the amount of time a customer support rep has to spend trying to resolve issues. Even if the customer has some tech knowledge, when their screen can be viewed also by a customer service agent, it speeds up the time it takes to explain how something works or the process that has to be followed in order to complete an online order. The co-browsing option provides visual cues that are often much easier to understand than a long and involved explanation.

In Conclusion

If your goal is to retain more customers and provide improved customer support to new and existing ones, co-browsing is a solution that will remedy that situation. It will allow you to build strong and loyal relationships with customers and will keep your company competitive in the marketplace. With knowledgeable customer service agents assisting customers in a way they could never do before, co-browsing will increase your customer satisfaction rating which will translate to more revenues and a larger customer base. Co-browsing is the new technology you need.

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