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How do we know if an online casino is reliable? tips and tricks

The fondness for online casino games is increasing by leaps and bounds in recent years, and is that it has become a form of gambling close and comfortable, as we can enjoy all its benefits from our own home, or from anywhere with our electronic device.

Despite the fact that sometimes doubts may arise regarding the complete reliability of the website we are visiting, statistics estimate that 99% of the online casinos we can find today are regulated according to the regulations and are therefore totally safe.  This percentage can rise to 100% if we play only in regulated casinos. You can checkout legitimate Canadian online casinos examples and learn more from here.

In addition, Governments fight for the supervision and control of gaming activities at a state level, exercising sanctions when required to guarantee their safety. 

Knowing all this, we present you some simple and very quick keys to detect so that you can feel at ease and recognize the safest online casinos.

Https protocol

Simply by looking at the website address of the online casino we are visiting we can tell whether or not it is safe. If the URL of the website doesn’t start with https it is not considered to be a safe online casino. 
This small detail related to the security of the web, what it does is to make sure that the data travels in an encrypted way, and therefore, that they are not available to anyone. 

Payment methods

All information regarding transfers must appear transparently on the website making clear at all times all information about the amounts of money that would be earned or lost. 

Added to this, another key to take into account the security of our online gaming website will be to find the possibility of different payment methods from bank card payment to electronic payments through platforms such as PayPal, among others. If we observe that known and regulated payment methods are used, it is another sign that this is a totally secure website.

Data protection

Another aspect to take into account in order to know the security of the website in which we are playing online would be to find in it, the specifications of the privacy policy with the data of the people who register.

With the General Regulation of Data Protection this issue has become a very important factor that has been implemented in all online casinos and online gaming websites that are secure.

Customer service

And finally, for an online casino website to be totally secure it must contain the possibility of establishing communication with the company in case there is a problem, or even, to be able to make a claim if necessary.

We will be able to find in an easy and simple way an email, or a telephone number, and in some occasions, we will be able to find the address of the company itself.

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