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How do you increase your shopping bills with parking

Parking lot management for shopping centers is an important aspect that directly impacts project revenue and can add or damage it according to efficiency in the management of available resources.

At present, there are processes and car parking machine technologies specifically developed to enable better mall parking management. This is how management influences the profitability and experience of consumers in this type of location.

How can you improve profitability with mall parking management?

Profitability can be increased by employing Remote Control and Service Centers, which consist of complex technology systems that allow direct communication channels with remote officers if customers need to activate them using machines. Self-service in payment or even at the gate.

In addition, this system is integrated with cameras and other equipment that has several remote features, such as opening and closing gates, controlling lighting, among others. These features allow you to service, operate and supervise remote parking operations.

Increased efficiency in mall parking management results in a number of benefits for end users such as agility, transparency and security, which in turn impacts experience and results in increased parking profitability, which can be increased by up to 30%, as needed.

Parking automation also provides a greater transparency and trust relationship with contractors, because monitoring parking indicators occur in real-time, such as permanent controls, available space, etc.


Profitability is one of the benefits of investing in more efficient and automated parking management. However, this increase is associated with a number of other advantages made possible by the solution. Among them can be highlighted:

– Employee training aligns with mall values ​​and informs about events, stores locations and campaigns that help inform customers when requested;
– Constant management and remote monitoring allow control of access, discounts, operations and exceptions;
– Pricing strategies are more aligned with the market with specific price lists and actions to increase revenue;
– Crisis audit and management framework with data collection, claim processes and team training for conflict simulations;
– Revitalization of space with construction, restructuring and revaluation of road flows aimed at improving the quality of internal traffic;
– Investment for constant improvement based on mall parking management with intelligence and concrete operation data.

Therefore, the application of a special mall parking management and remote operating system enables various changes in business operations to be more efficient and profitable.

What are the direct benefits for the customer experience?

Appropriate improvements in shopping center management and management only result in more profit for the business when it impacts and improves the customer experience. Thus, greater satisfaction and practicality with vehicles is what drives consumers to spend more time at the place and consume more at mall shops.

Among the main benefits can be highlighted:

– Personalized and quality services from the team most capable of supporting this;
– Easy ticket payment through a supermarket that accepts cards and cash;
– Job availability indicators;
– Monitor valet parking waiting times with an updated panel;
– The structure is equipped with basic mechanical services such as recharging batteries and contracts with the insured and the crane which facilitates service when needed.

From these benefits to malls and customers, businesses can be more profitable and with solid operations in the long run.

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