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How Getting Press Can Help Your Google rankings

Press releases are official statements given by companies to make announcements regarding updates, achievements, scaling, etc. It’s crucial to have a good google ranking in order to appear at the top of google search results. When your brand appears on the first page, the business gets more traffic, which can lead to more sales.

A brief history of Google rankings

In order to have good Google rankings, your website must be optimized (SEO) for Google. While SEO helps you get more organic traffic, press releases can help you get some right away.

Optimize Press Releases for SEO benefits:

You can boost the SEO of your press release indirectly. For example, you publish some useful and interesting content and so a news site features you. This increases the attention of people on your news. If they love your content, they will land at your site and hence, the traffic is increased! And this will indirectly boost your SEO.

There are service providers like Press Pog who actually help in getting detailed analytics and rankings of the Google rankings of each press release link. The case study is generated by using custom proprietary software that helps to find keywords that your news story URLs are ranking for.

Increase your traffic

To increase your ranking, do keyword research and see which terms are more likely to be searched by your target audience. Include these relevant keywords in heading, sub-headings, and the first paragraph in the press release. Use the analytics to measure the success of your press release. Your press release must be published beyond your website to have greater reach! Add other links to your website that are related to the topic in one press release. This makes users easily find useful and related information. The backlink will also redirect them to your website.

Tips to increase SEO results with PR

More press equals more backlinks. More backlinks typically mean more rankings for your website. Since press releases can get you on high authority sites, this helps your site bypassing some of that authority. If you’re interested in some case studies, check out some of these press releases case studies.

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