How the role of marketing drives business forwards


 Introduction Portakabin designs and delivers modular buildings. It provides clients with inspiring buildings of outstanding quality. Its original market was the construction industry, with its portable buildings providing on-site storage and accommodation. In the last 40 years its portfolio of modular buildings has extended to include offices, medical centres and schools. The market The two main Portakabin markets are both in the building sector. It produces both modular buildings and single module buildings. Modular buildings are permanent, all-steel “kits” that can be used to construct almost any size and shape of large building as required. These are made in a factory and transported to sites to be built. For example, schools, call centres and office space can all either be extended or created as a new build. Single module buildings include toilets, office space, shower blocks and storage units. These can be transported directly to the client on a lorry, extremely quickly. Portakabin operates in a highly competitive market. There are now other businesses producing similar buildings. Portakabin needs to provide products and services that satisfy customers” needs. Portakabin must also ensure that customers understand the difference between Portakabin products and competitors” products in terms of quality and levels of service. To keep its leading position and market share, Portakabin focuses on...

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