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How to be a digital nomad

Travelling around the world but still being paid is the dream, isn’t it? Whether you want to work on the beaches of Tahiti or cafe hop around the United States, the digital nomadic life is one that is greatly sought after. Like most people who learn about this concept, you’re probably wondering how you can make that happen. Let us take you through some of the ways you can work while seeing the world. 

Pros vs Cons 

Ok, so it does sound like the ideal job, but this way of living does come with some downsides. Although, it’s a pretty laid back lifestyle there are still certain aspects you should consider before taking the leap. Let’s dive in…

Internet Reliant 

The Digital Nomad life is, as expected, pretty reliant on the use of WiFi. Sure most places have access to the internet nowadays and you’re less likely to be caught up a mountain with a client’s deadline looming, however, be mindful that you might not always be in hotspot areas where there is solid and speedy internet access.

Better quality of life and more experiences for less money

Living your days out on a tropical island, trying out new foods and discovering new cultures sounds like a great way to spend your days. The beauty of it is that, in places like the Philippines, you can do so even with a small budget. 

Always create a contingency pot

We never want anyone to get caught in a rut. If you’re going to make the jump, ensure you have enough money saved in case a client pays late or you can’t secure more work. That way you have a buffer to keep going and looking for your next gig. 

Plan for the long term? 

Some nomads go out for a year, others for five or even ten years. Regardless, you should make a prospective plan. Say you’re going to go road tripping around America for example. Obviously, you’ll want to go to specific places and you know you’re going to need accommodation for the mid or long-term, consider using a company such as Blueground to plan your stays in safe and comfortable apartments in many cities such as  Boston, Chicago or the Bay Area. 

Take your current job on the road 

You may be thinking, “I love my job, I just wish I could do it somewhere else!” Well depending on the position and on the company, it may not be entirely impossible. Although it might take some convincing it has been known for some nomads to get their boss to allow them to work remotely. For example, if you’re a website developer for a company, your boss could let you code from anywhere in the world – all you have to do is ask. 

Paid Sabbatical 

Similarly, you could take paid leave to conduct research or further your education in countries that you have always wanted to visit. Do this and you’re well on your way to living the nomad life. 

Online Study 

Some nomads take this time to deepen their discovery and learning. Depending on the part of the world you are from, you may be able to start a degree with an online university and apply for assistance. Although, you should err on the side of caution with this one and do your research before committing to anything. 


There may have been an instance in the past where you have asked your boss if you can work remotely and they  said no. Well, if you’re happy to take unpaid leave you might consider freelancing. You would take the skills from your current job and offer them as services to clients, either as a remote freelancer in the same time zone or while in the countries abroad that you intend to visit. The great thing about freelancing is the flexibility of working hours so you can complete your tasks without compromising time spent on a sunny beach. 

Online Work 

If you can’t take up freelance work with your existing job you may instead use your transferable skills to do some side work online.. For example, if you are an English teacher, you might consider taking up some article writing work or social media content. There are many online sites such as Fiverr and Upwork where companies and individuals are looking for writers, digital marketers, etc. to work on short and long-term projects. 

Passive Income

You may have heard of this concept also referred to as residual income. It’s where you make money but don’t have to take continuous action to earn it. Examples of this would be a drop shipping company such as selling t-shirts online, you list them on a website and a third party company handles the printing and shipping. 

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