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How To Keep Your Start-up Connected

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The virtual office has become a reality in post covid times. It is increasingly being opted for by start-ups trying to keep down their overall expense. But keeping all the team members connected during remote working is easier said than done. This is why businesses are coming up with innovative means of establishing connections between their teams to keep them motivated whether they come to the office or work from home. Today we are going to talk about the ways of efficient internal and external communication for sharing information and enhancing the productivity of workers:

Opening up both online and offline means of connection can solve an array of problems whether employees are working remotely or in-office. Having an intranet in place can establish connectivity between various portable and nonportable tools like laptops, tablets, iPhones, and desktop computers. All the members of your business team can gather relevant and updated information while connecting with each other easily.

There was a time when corporates banked solely on office intranet for sustaining internal communication among employees. However, changing work dynamics have added inertia to the popularity of online chat apps for assisting your team members in connecting easily irrespective of their location. Messages are sent directly to a group chat room, unlike emails. This allows sharing announcements and information with all the team members in one go. One of the biggest problems with emails is that we often forget to include everyone in the recipient list. This can be avoided when communication is sent via chat. In most cases, start-ups have their own chat messenger. Alternatively, they can also bank on various social media portals to carry out announcements of personal news and achievements. Communicating via this mode can boost a sense of belongingness among employees by bringing them closer to each other.

Software applications are increasing in popularity as a means of official communication. Start-ups can take their pick amongst different business software which can either be availed for free or subscription basis. The best thing about these applications is that they are extremely user-friendly and offer superb customization possibilities. Management can even decide on levels with whom they wish to share information. Sharing different documents and files also becomes easier as management assigns authority to employees via system administrator for editing, viewing, printing and even downloading important documents. Corporates are increasingly relying on online collaboration software tools to allow their personnel to assign projects, set meetings, and update tasks on a timely basis. 

While meetings serve as an excellent way of getting the message across to a large bunch of employees, holding regular meetings can make employees feel frustrated. Rather than holding long meetings start-ups should schedule huddle sessions ranging for a maximum of 15 minutes. In these sessions, small topics should be discussed before employees can resume work once again. If there are bigger issues to discuss, then meetings regarding the same shouldn’t be held for more than a week allowing the participation of a greater number of members. Infusing humour into daily communications can be a great way of connecting with employees. It is extremely helpful in keeping both worry and stress at bay. However, adhering to the standards of corporate professionalism is imperative during the communication process. Both employers and their subordinates can joke together by sharing funny stories, pictures, and more. 

Final Words

Proper communication banks on an array of components ranging from tangible objects like a landline or mobile phone to intangible aspects like software and a broadband connection. Start-ups are mostly searching for cheap deals on unlimited data to help their employees carry on their work requirements without any hiccups along the way. It is not uncommon for start-ups to give apple or android phones to their personnel followed by a sim-only deal wherein they can enjoy an allowance of textures, minutes, and data. All these efforts can open new gateways of communication between the human resources of a start-up to foster better decision-making. 

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