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How to protect your online business from DDoS attacks

As we move further into the digital age, the risk of attacks by cyber threats becomes more prevalent. Of the many cyber attacks which have become commonplace, DDoS – or Distributed Denial of Service – attacks have become increasingly popular as they are easy to initiate, but may have long-lasting effects on the targeted network if not dealt with properly. Essentially a DDoS attack will overwhelm your network server making it impossible for customers to access your website. We all know that prevention is better than cure, so here we discuss how to protect your business from a DDoS attack.

The Effects of a DDoS Attack

DDoS attacks are a serious threat to computers and online businesses as they are easy to initiate and botnets can be purchased on the black market to overwhelm an online service with traffic from multiple sources. If not dealt with properly, attacks can last anywhere from a few hours to weeks and systems may never be fully restored. Here are a few potential effects of a successful DDoS attack:

  • Partial or full disruption of operational activities
  • Loss of income owing to the loss of data, productivity, and revenue
  • Loss of financial backing owing to a damaged reputation

DDoS Prevention Tip 1: Determine Your Needs

In order to effectively protect your business from a DDoS attack, you must first identify the security needs of your business and then develop a security policy. For example, if you run an online pokies website, you’ll need to have a strict security policy in place. It’s important that your security system is able to identify all potential threats before they are able to strike and block these threats immediately. A step-by-step security policy needs to be put in place to deal with any and all threats and it’s imperative that this security policy is shared with all company personnel to further mitigate the risk. Putting stringent firewalls and security policies in place will help protect you from DDoS and other cyber attacks.

DDoS Prevention Tip 2: Keep Systems Updated

Once your security systems are put in place, it will be you and your company’s responsibility to ensure that these systems are kept up-to-date so that your protection is consistent. If there are any vulnerabilities within your security system, we can ensure that these will be identified and exploited by cyber threats. Not only should your security system be kept updated at all times, but so should all software and operating systems as many of these have built-in security systems as well. However, we do not suggest relying on built in security systems.

DDoS Prevention Tip 3: Bring in the Experts

While you may fancy yourself something of an expert, we can assure you that there are actual cyber security experts far more suitable to the task of keeping your online business secure. If you’re hesitant to spend the money on such experts, you should rather see it as an investment in your business as you’ll likely lose far more money if you’re the target of a successful DDoS attack.

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