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How to quit drinking

Alcohol addiction is a serious problem that ruins everyday life and prevents a person from being happy. More to this, alcohol addiction damage not only their private being but brings harm to their close surrounding as well.

The problem is that seriously drinking person is not able to quit alcohol addiction on his own and needs appropriate treatment and support.

Luckily, nowadays there are multiple helpful means and methods to assist a person in depriving of alcohol addiction. The compilation of physical and psychological alcohol rehab grants addicted persons an opportunity to recover from the most serious issue and change life for better eventually.

Analyzing and Evaluating

The first step to recover from alcohol addiction is a personal awareness. If a person is ready to recognize the problem, get educated on it, and plan on recovery, it is already a huge step to success.

In case you are ready to recognize the problem, your task is to look at it from side. Analyze your addiction, think about what positive and negative effects it has on your life. You can even note it down. For example, although it helps you to reduce stress, relax, and entertain yourself, alcohol drinking brings harm yo your health, ruin your reputation and relationships with other people.

This way you will be able to evaluate what effect alcohol consumption has on your everyday and private issues and decide whether it is worth it.

Set Goals and Plans and Work on

Once you are confident about your decisions, it’s time to move on planning and implementing your plans. You should clearly realize that it won’t be easy and you ha to put in maximum efforts if you really wish to succeed.

  • Choose the final aim – decide on what exactly you want to achieve. Whether you want to stop drinking completely or reduce the amount of alcohol you consume regularly. In case your goal is to decrease the intensity of your drinking habit, you should clearly decide the decreased amount you will drink and get several alcohol-free days in your schedule as well.
  • Decide on start point – whether you want to start tomorrow or on Monday you should put it roughly in your planner. But it is recommended not to postpone giving up drinking greatly since you will grow less and less confident about your decision.
  • No temptations – work on eliminating temptations around yourself. Get rid of the alcohol in your house, avoid going to parties, pubs, and bars. This way you will get deprived of wish to drink easier.
  • Make an announcement – announce to your friends and relatives that you are on your way to sobriety. So that, they will have an opportunity to help and support you, and create a comfortable surrounding for you to quit drinking with fewer difficulties.
  • Learn from personal mistakes – if it is not your first attempt to deprive yourself of alcohol addiction, it is recommended to analyze your failures and previous achievements. This way you will be able to learn from your personal mistakes.

The more you prepare beforehand and organize your alcohol addiction quitting process, the easier it will be for you to move on and succeed eventually.

Treatment Options

Depending on how intense and serious your addiction is there are multiple ways to get physical and psychological treatment and go through alcohol rehab to finish with the best possible results eventually.

  • Residential treatment – it covers the intensive rehabilitation program with the round-the-day monitoring of specialists at a treatment facility. It lasts between 30-90 days commonly.
  • Partial hospitalization – this means you are able to keep to your daily routine but with the need to visit hospital several days a week to get some medical treatment and psychotherapy.
  • Intensive outpatient programs – these are more applied to prevent relapse and count therapy which doesn’t interfere with your daily routine greatly.
  • Therapy – individual, group, or family therapy usually covers psychological help and can be a complement to any other method. It helps you to get to the root of your problem settle and achieve goals, repair relationships, and more.

In most cases, you will be able to decide on the type of treatment yourself. But you should understand that the method you choose has to suit the seriousness of our addiction for you to be able to quit it.

Moving to Sober Lifestyle

Getting sober and quit drinking is a huge but only the initial step to a better life. You have to continue building up positive habits and practices to recover fully.

Take care about yourself and add more good habits to your lifestyle. Get some physical exercises, take up healthy diet, and get a good sleep, and you will feel better easily. Surround yourself with sober people, who are ready and able to support you, and avoid companies who don’t want to understand and take your problem seriously. Take up some hobbies and interests which will distract you from the desire to drink and fill your life with sense. Keep a hand on the pulse and continue treatment, at least a psychological one, to decrease the chances of relapse.

Overall, quitting alcohol addiction and building up a completely different lifestyle and life view is a long-term and complicated process. It requires a lot of effort and stamina to reach successful results. And most important of all, you should never be left alone with your problems. You have to get someone to support you, either it is your relative, or friend, or social worker, it will be easier for you to succeed through alcohol rehab with someone to lean on.

So, gather all powers and inspiration, be confident about your decision, reach for qualitative support, and fight for the happy life you really deserve.

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