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Alcohol and Drug Rehab in London

Do you want to change your life, but the only obstacle is your or your family member’s alcohol or drug addiction? Start writing down a plan of changes and improvements in your life because very soon, you will overcome this obstacle.

The most important thing you should understand is that addiction is a disease, which could be treated. This means that returning to a happy life is real. All you need is a great rehab clinic, which is ready to offer you professional support.

To receive qualified multistep help, you need to find a trustworthy clinic with a flawless reputation. One of the best options for rehab in London is the Serenity clinic.

Rehab Programs at Serenity Addiction Centers

Why Serenity rehab systems are considered to be the most demanded in the niche? It is explained by the fact that the Serenity services include:

  • Availability of inpatient and outpatient programs
  • 12 months of aftercare
  • Transport to and from a rehabilitation clinic
  • 24/7 support of therapists and nurses for patients at clinics as well as at home
  • Flexible payment system
  • A large number of regions where Serenity operates

Moreover, Serenity Addiction Centers provide effective rehab for alcohol and drug addicts. Thus, Serenity patients receive the possibility to get:

  • therapy and consultations (phone sessions for a home detox program)
  • access to lections of progressive niche experts
  • course of medication
  • massages
  • physical activities (yoga, fitness, dancing)
  • relaxing activities (meditation, painting, aromatherapy)

Furthermore, Serenity Addiction Centers always carry personalized treatment. Thus, the Serenity specialists evaluate the condition of the patient. They check all the health peculiarities and problems of the patient, including mental health problems (bulimia, OCD, etc.), clarify the social status, habits, and offer the family support level.

Based on collected information, specialists determine the rehab plan for the patient. So, you can be sure that all your preferences will be taken into account.

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