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How to start a coffee shop review of which coffee machines are best

Coffee Machine Reviews – May 08, 2018

You’ve come to the conclusion that you need to get a commercial machine for coffee to put in your office. But now you have to decide which of the coffee machines for offices is the right one for your needs. You will have to consider several factors when making this decision, especially if you have barista training in London experience. They will include the type of coffee, the capacity of the machine and the ease in which it operates. Plus, there is an intangible reason why you may want to consider putting a new coffee machine in your office. It will perk up your workers, staff and even give customers and clients a good first impression about your business.

Nothing says, “Welcome, let’s sit and discuss your needs” like a fresh cup of coffee can. This is why more and more commercial businesses are turning to high quality, durable coffee machines to put into their staff room, lunch room or lounge. The decision is one you don’t want to make lightly as you want to keep moral high and employees happy. Installing a cheap residential style coffee machine is not going to last. It’s not because they lack quality. These home machines are not designed for the kind of use they would receive in a commercial setting.

This is why you require a commercial-style coffee maker. There are many different types to choose from. One way to narrow this down is to look at online reviews of commercial coffee machines. Reviews can reveal details that may not ordinarily be obvious when a product is originally purchased. However, you also have to be able to filter (coffee pun intended) the legitimate reviews from those that are not. It can be a daunting task. That is why we have saved you some of the work with this list. In this article we will look at our top ten favourite coffee machines for offices. These are merely the ones that we would choose. Your specific requirements and available space will have a bearing on your choice of commercial coffee machine.

1 – Schaerer Coffee Prime

This machine tops our list for several reasons. First, it has been specially designed to be easy to keep clean and maintained for optimal use. It can use either fresh or soluble milk and water can be fed to the machine either by a tank or plumbed direct. It even has a 12 month warranty but what really makes it stand out is that it can produce up to 180 cups of coffee per day. We call that a workhorse.

2 – WMF 1500S

There are times when you crave coffee and just can’t wait very long for it to be produced so that you can quickly get it into your system. This machine can do that for you as it will make drinks in 20-seconds. Plus, if you are looking at specialty drinks, this machine is equipped with a chocolate hopper so that mochas and chocs can be produced. Water can be fed by a tank or plumbed in and there is a 12 month warranty. This is another workhorse that can pump out up to 180 cups of steaming hot liquid per day.

3 – WMF 5000S

The last machine was fast but this one is faster in that it can produce a drink in 15-seconds. That’s 180 drinks per hour. That is why this machine is known as the fastest commercial coffee maker in its class. There’s a built-in chocolate hopper to make mochas and chocs plus a 12 month warranty. As for capacity, this one is rated at 250 cups per day so if you have a conference or staff meeting, no one will be standing in line for very long before you get your meeting started.

4 – WMF 1100S

When speed is your game, this coffee machine can handle it. It can produce drinks in 20-seconds and has the option to make hot chocolate if coffee is not the top choice in your office. Water can be fed by a tank or plumbed in directly and this machine can use either fresh or soluble milk. For fast cleaning, there’s a simple one button ‘click-n-clean’ function. There’s also a 12 month warranty. This quality product will make up to 80 cups per day and it is ideal for smaller offices.

5 – Jura JX6

This happens to be an updated model for 2018 which includes new technology in what can be described as your all-round black coffee and hot water in the office solution. The unit has 12 different pre-programmed drinks it can produce and contains a simple plug-n-play design that essentially means that once you plug it into the wall, it is ready to make your first drink. This particular model is a great bean to coffee machine. It comes with a 12 month warranty and will produce up to 100 cups per day.

6 – Jura WE8

A relatively new update for 2016, this machine is a great bean to coffee office solution. It can produce a number of different drinks including flat white and has a plug-n-play design. That means all you have to do is get it plugged into a power outlet and stand back. The design is stylish and contemporary and all functions are easy to use and understand so anyone can zip together their favourite hot beverage. This specific model has a 12 month warranty and can make up to 30 cups a day.

7 – Jura JX8

This is another brand new 2018 model which comes complete with new technology. There are a total of 21 pre-programmed drinks that you can make and it includes flat white. Considered one of the best coffee to bean coffee machines for offices, this unit also features the plug-n-play design. This means you just have to plug it into the wall and it is ready to make the first of several new hot drinks. There is a 12 month warranty and this machine is durable enough to make up to 100 cups per day.

8 – WMF 9000S

If setting a World Record is on your schedule for the day at the office, this coffee machine is going to get you close to that goal. It will make drinks in 15-seconds. That translates to 350 drinks in an hour! This is truly a professional coffee maker as it has a total of four different product hoppers that can use everything from beans to chocolate. It can also handle two different types of milk. Add to that a 12 month warranty and you have an Olympic-style commercial coffee machine for your office. It will make up to 350 cups in a day.

9 – Melitta XT5

Imagine having a steaming hot beverage ready in 20-seconds. Well, this machine can do that and much more. It has been designed for ease of use and has a clean-n-place system for easy care. Water can be fed by a tank or plumbed in directly. This office coffee machine is attractively designed to fit any décor and will provide you with years of quality production. It may even outlast some of your employees! There is a 12 month warranty and this unit will make up to 225 cups per day.

10 – WMF 1200S

This is another one of the fast ones! It will make hot drinks for you in as little as 20-seconds. It can have water either fed to it by a tank or you can have it plumbed directly into the coffee machine. Need chocolate drinks? No problem. All you have to do is upgrade from this model to either Model 2 or 3 and your hot chocolate cravings will be curbed and controlled. This machine comes with a 12 month warranty and it good for up to 100 cups of hot drinks per day.

There Happens To Be Even More!

That’s correct. When you purchase any of these top ten coffee machines for offices from Bibium, you get a little extra. Each machine is delivered to your office free of charge. Then the machine of your choice is installed precisely where you want it at no additional charge to you. Oh, and the best part is that everyone who is going to come in contact with the new office coffee maker will receive training on how to use it to its fullest. The training comes at no additional charge.

So you end up with a brand new commercial coffee machine in your office for staff, management, clients and customers. There’s no delivery charge. Installation is free. Training is free. What have you got to lose? Oh, and if you don’t want to purchase the commercial coffee machine outright, there are reasonable leasing options. Whatever you decide, there could be freshly brewed coffee or hot chocolate waiting for you in the morning at your office.

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