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How to start an affiliate marketing business

Affiliate marketing continues to grow in strength. Many people are now viewing this as the best way to make money online. However, for those new to the sector, affiliate marketing is different from other ‘internet money making’ schemes as it takes time. This is not a get rich quick business, you will need to put in a considerable amount of time and effort to grow relationships which will in turn grow your business.

If you’re looking for positives then affiliate marketing can be done by pretty much anyone, you don’t need your own products to make money and it offers great financial opportunities to those who can break through and make this work.

What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is making money through the promotion of products and companies. You create a platform that you can promote these on, usually either a website or a social media page, and the work involves attracting people to that platform who are interested in the companies you promote.

If people click on your links and go through to make a purchase then you will receive a fee, either a set fee or a percentage of the sale depending on the type of agreement you have and the sector you are working in.

The risk free nature of this business, as your only costs are creating the platform to begin with, means that a number of people have given it a go over the past decade. However, the key to being successful is sticking with it, and slowly building up what you have instead of walking away because you have not made big money in the first month.


The biggest, most important part of affiliate marketing. You have three areas to focus on here. The first is your customers, you need to do something to attract them to your platform. By getting them there and having a good relationship with them they are more likely to come back and more likely to press on the recommendations you make.

The second is the companies you are promoting. By having a good relationship with them and sending traffic their way, you are more likely to get a bigger and better commission deal from them. The final relationship type is those around you with similar websites and social media platform. To take your business to the next level you will need their help, whether this is sharing your content, linking to it or something else. This will all help your website grow and become more visible, which should be the number one aim of your business.

Gambling Affiliate Marketing

The gambling affiliate market is one of the strongest and biggest, and one that many people are taking advantage of right now. Sites like this one here put together a large number of betting companies and display the offers they have to potential new gamblers looking for a new betting site.

The site newbettingoffers.co.uk is a perfect example of a gambling affiliate, they attract people who are looking for a new betting website or those who already bet and want to read news from their blog, and they promote gambling companies to these people.

The key to being successful in the affiliate marketing world is attracting the right people for the companies you are promoting. The quality and type of traffic you bring to the site will determine if you are a success or a failure.

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