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The Role of Affiliate Marketing in the Online Casino Industry

The Role of Affiliate Marketing in the Online Casino Industry

Sometimes, it’s ironic how technology takes us back to the basics. Not so long ago, some businesses would resort to door-to-door sales as a cheaper and more direct marketing strategy.

TV and radio ads could cost a lot, as they still do, while door-to-door sales were usually based on commissions. The digital era brought new marketing strategies for much more affordable prices. Additionally, it reinvented the door-to-door salesperson: the affiliate marketer.

What’s Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing turns key customers into strategic business allies. Usually, affiliate marketers are influencers that attract scores of followers with specific interests. Yet, social media celebrities aren’t the only way forward, and many websites are also up to the task. Affiliate marketing websites such as topcasinos.co.uk generate high value leads for online casinos.

These marketers get paid according to the sales they generate for their business partners. Like for the old-school door-to-door salesperson, no sales means no money. Successful affiliate marketers are typically influencers or websites with high traffic. Such popularity increases their sales potential.

Most Common Methods

There are different types of affiliate programs, but the main ones are:

  • Revenue Share (Rev Share)
  • Media
  • Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)

To tell you a little about these, rev share is one of the most desirable kinds of deals since it’s the most profitable one. Here, affiliate marketers get to keep from 20% to 45% of their leads, depending on how many new clients they funnel to that platform. The most successful partners can generate more than 1,000 per month for a single online casino.

Affiliate pages with high online traffic usually go for a media type of deal. In this case, the page places the ads in sidebar banners and articles for a fixed monthly fee.

CPA is another fixed-fee type of deal; only here affiliate marketers are rewarded for each new deposit. The fixed fee allows affiliate marketers to calculate their income based on their generated leads.

Speaking to the Right Ears

The Role of Affiliate Marketing in the Online Casino Industry

There’s another great advantage of affiliate marketing over more traditional methods. Companies can direct their content much more efficiently. TV ads, and even ads on social media, often fail to reach the interested customer and become white noise for those who are not the actual target.

Affiliate marketers talk directly to an interested audience. So, every follower or visitor is a potential customer. Not by chance, this niche became an industry on its own, and it’s a quite thriving one. This industry is expected to cross the USD 12 billion mark this year.

So, affiliate marketing and online casinos represent a partnership of giants. Several industries, from travel to cosmetics, are investing in this strategy. It’s also a cost-effective method. Online casinos can set their own terms, ensuring a profitable and predictable deal.

Key Advantages

Affiliate marketers and online casinos are best buddies now. When two thriving industries meet, success surely follows. Here are the main advantages this kind of marketing brings to the online casino world.

  • Targeted Advertisements
  • Cost-Effectiveness
  • Flexibility
  • Wider Reach

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to ensure that your content won’t fall on deaf ears. People visiting a website looking for casino references or following influencers for the hottest gambling tips are more prone to buy into game-related ads.

Marketers also live off results. So, no sales mean no commission, which means no costs for companies. For this reason, it also became one of the safest marketing strategies for any business.

In terms of flexibility, the kinds of deals mentioned above (CPA, Rev Share, and Media) are the most common ones, but online casinos are free to create their own deals. So, it’s possible to tailor an affiliate marketing campaign for each case and budget.

Affiliate marketers also give companies instant access to all their followers and visitors. Above all, it increases the companies’ reach among high-potential clients. They get more visitors to online casino websites. Even if these visits don’t translate into sales down the line, the brand still reaches new audiences, which is always positive.

Talking the Talk

Back in 2016, a survey published by Rakuten Advertising showed some impressive numbers. About 80% of publishers and advertisers were already resorting to some kind of affiliate program. Today, this market is triple the size of what it was just six years ago, and figures keep on rising.

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