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Impact substance abuse on businesses

Drugs and alcohol abuse by employees can cause several expensive issues for businesses and companies ranging from injuries, lost productivity, and an increase in health insurance claims.

It not only fancily disturb your business but also destroy the reputation of your industry. There is no doubt that nowadays, unlimited people who are struggling with their drug use disorder continue to hold their jobs. According to research, more than 70 percent of people are struggling with their alcohol use habits so that they can continue their jobs. Two types of illicit drugs commonly used in offices one is marijuana and second is cocaine.

Most people, when drink at night they find it hard to focus on their work they are struggling to perform to their full potential due to the effect of drug abuse. Drug addicted employees take more sick leaves, less productive, or more likely to file workman’s compensation claims. Substance abuser faces more problems. For example, an addicted person perceives things negatively, make many mistakes, work issues, have problems with the rest of the staff.

Nowadays, companies and businesses are trying to hire employees that are strong mentally and physically. Medical researches show that illicit drugs and alcohol both are persistence issues for society.

1.      Negative Effects of Drug in the Workplaces

The negative effects of drug abuse on business have a far-reaching impact on the profitability of a company. Many jobs require employees to be alert and accurate, efficient in completing a task, and should have quick reflexes. When an employee comes to his/her office after taking drugs, it affects work productivity and work efficiency.

2.      Impacts of Drug Abuse on Employers

Drugs effects that can harm employers are

  • Low morals of colleagues
  • Theft
  • Lack of discussion skills
  • Poor focusing power
  • Reduce work productivity
  • Being late
  • Feel tired and wearisome

3.      Effects on Employee

  • High-stress level
  • Insomnia
  • Fatigue
  • Irregular supervision
  • Isolation
  • Job satisfaction issue

Sometimes coworkers of an addicted employee also work for longer hours to compensate for the lost productivity. Workers can also be injured by the negligent behavior of addicted employees.

Since the workplaces have the number of employees with drug abuse, they should consider encouraging people to get into recovery. Business owners and employees both should make plans that would benefit both sides.

4.      What to Do If You Suspect Drug Abuser in Your Office

The thing people need to keep themselves healthy is awareness. One can start it from the workplace by helping their addicted coworkers or employees. To take a start against drug abuse, those employers who have the means and resources can offer recovery aids to their workers.

5.      Effects on Family

A drug abuser not only makes his/her life difficult, but it also affects others. Drug abusers disturb their family member’s lives too. Noticing the suffering of loved ones negatively affects the performance of others. They feel stressed, which affects their work productivity, work performance, increased lateness or absenteeism, and health-related problems.

6.      Invest in Rehab Centers

If you are addicted to drugs or your any loved one is drug abuser you should consider to admit it in a rehab center. Many people ask how much is rehab beneficial for overcoming addiction? Nowadays, rehabilitation centers are helping substance abusers to overcome their drug consuming habit at affordable prices. They ensure to people that they’ll return to their home with a good healthy life.

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