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Improve The Environment By Choosing The Correct Plumbing System For Your Business

Photo by Jacek Dylag on Unsplash

It’s essential in today’s climate that businesses are thinking carefully about all aspects of their carbon footprint.

With global warming, drought, deforestation, water and air pollution all becoming huge issues globally, it’s important that every business does its bit to help combat the issues we’re facing.

When it comes to looking for environmentally-friendly plumbing systems for your office, there are actually quite a few options you can choose from and implement. 

Green Plumbing

Ensuring you’re investing in plumbing products and modifications that are environmentally friendly is what green plumbing is all about. Various green plumbing options ensure that any chemical effects are minimised, there is a decrease of water consumption, energy conservation is prioritised and utility bills will be lower.

Examples of these green plumbing features include:

  • Water pumps such as the DAB pumps are ideal for conserving energy as they use inverter technology which means that they only draw the necessary energy according to water requirements.
  • Taps that save water and water storage tanks are essential additions for a business to stop too much water being consumed in the office. Water-reducing taps usually use around 30% less water than traditional taps, so a real difference can be made with this alteration.
  • Devices for harvesting rainwater can lower a business’ water bills, as well as being a huge eco-friendly addition for any office. It usually involves a large container being placed either next to your office, or underneath it, that collects any rainwater that falls onto the roof, down through the gutters and enters the tank via the downpipes. The rainwater can be used for flushing toilets or for providing water for washing machines but always make sure a qualified plumber installs it as an incorrectly fitted rainwater tank can cause serious plumbing problems.
  • Hot-water systems fed by solar power save vast amounts of energy when heating water for the office from several solar panels being placed in direct sunlight on your business’ roof.

Green plumbing is a crucial step towards protecting the environment and can, in the long run, save you money as it’s guaranteed to reduce water wastage and, therefore, also your water bills. However, water bills aren’t the only bills you’ll find reduced, with implementing green plumbing, you’ll find that your energy bills will also reduce as water is only heated when necessary.

Helping to improve the environment is a job that falls to all of us and all businesses can take steps to reduce their impact on the environment. Green plumbing can help greatly with this eco-friendly perspective by helping to preserve two absolutely vital resources – water and energy.

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