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Is English The Hardest Language To Learn?

Is English The Hardest Language To Learn?
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English is the most widely used international language that is accepted and practised worldwide. A few people find it easy and smooth, but a few find it complex and a hassle. In the present scenario, there is no other option to learn English. So, today we will discuss the complications of learning English and the barriers on the path.

Several methods can be helpful for these most complicated issues. There are plenty of online resources for learning English and one of which is English with Lucy, a highly regarded online platform for learning English effectively.

For easy learning, we can take assistance from an English Tutor on AmazingTalker. He is the expert who can guide you and make things easier.

So, let’s start the discussion here and similarly, we will see that we can also find French tutors online in a similar way here.

Why is learning English Important?

Learning English is very important as it is the most spoken language worldwide. You can easily get a job in the U.S. and other countries by speaking English.

Learning English is not difficult, but you need to practice for more than 20 hours a week.

If you learn English, you can get a better job and communicate with people. So, we have to practise English every day.

Now, this is the most crucial skill that can help us in our life. You can learn better English by reading books, listening to podcasts, watching videos and practising English.

So, there is no time to start learning from today.

What makes it hard?

In the present scenario, let’s see the main barriers here.

1. Regional dialects

English is practised regionally, and they are not similar in every area. For example, British English, American English, Canadian English, etc. are not similar. Also, they are not easy to cope with the tone and grammar.

They are not equal in the level of their education. These all have different dictionaries. They all have different grammar. So what you are saying sounds completely different.

In my opinion, English is the most complicated language that has ever been studied. It is a language that is a conglomeration of many different languages, which have been “conjoined” to create the English language. There is no other language that has been created in the same way. There are many different dialects, and each one is a different language.

2. Idioms

We need time to understand the Idioms in English, where we get confused about the actual meaning. So, they are confusing. In reality, they do not express what we mean. For new learners, phrases and idioms are confusing in English.

Sometimes, you may not catch the exact meaning of an idiom.

Idioms and phrases describe the situation in which a verb is used. It tells how people act, feel or think. The word idioms are also used to mean something odd or unusual.

3. Exceptions to rules

Exceptions to rules in English are also confusing for new learners. They are making the grammatical rules more rigid.

Many people think that exceptions are a bad thing. But exceptions are a very useful tool in English. The English language has so many exceptions to rules that it is quite complicated to apply rules to all situations.

The same example can be used for other rules. The English language is very flexible.

4. Word Order

The use of Word order is another thing that makes us confused. It changes with meaning and tone while talking and writing.

There are three basic types of sentences in English: simple, complex, and compound. Simple sentences are made up of one subject and one predicate with a single clause. On the other hand, compound sentences comprise more than one clause. They have two or more subjects and a predicate when a complex sentence comes with conditional clauses and indirect meaning.

5. Emphasis Changes Meaning

The emphasis changes in English are the most complex thing. It uses a word with a completely different meaning. 

It is why you cannot cope with it in a short period. It is the main reason why many people are lot while learning English. But why? They don’t know the real meaning of the word. They memorize the definitions of the words, and that’s all. But if you want to learn English fluently, you need to learn how to analyze the words.

Final Summary

Nothing is impossible in learning English. It is quite easier if we give our best efforts and start learning by understanding the whole thing.

Here the guideline is important to us. In most cases, we start with a book or Cheat Sheet. Those are not that helpful at all.

The best method is to find a tutor who can guide us and make the process clear to us. Here online tutors can be a great help; a native speaker comes with the easiest tips. So, it is time to forget the fear and break the ice!

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