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Is it Possible to cheat Online Slots?

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The online gambling industry has become a casino reload bonus game rather complex sector. Operators and software providers are taking advantage of technological innovations to add more fun to their casino games. These games, especially online slots, have additional security improvements to protect against cheating. 

The offline slot machines were open to all sorts of manipulations by many players. These days, no player has not thought about what’s it like to cheat at online slots. Even casino operators are not left out of it either. 

Can one cheat Online Slots?

There is no simple answer to this question. Like all other technological inventions, software usually has loopholes that can be exploited. Because iGaming sites know this, they take steps to prevent and detect unusual activities at the machines. 

For sure, cheating at online slots is not as easy as manipulating the retail slot machines with tricks. 

How Online Casinos Protect Against Cheating on Online Slots

Here are some known safeguards operators use to protect their slot investments. 

Random Number Generator

All online slots with lucky tiger no deposit codes come with a dedicated computer algorithm called Random Number Generator (RNG). The RNG program is responsible for calculating the probability of a winning spin. All spin outcomes are determined individually by the software. 

To ensure that casinos do not use the RNG to cheat on you, there are third-party testing companies, e.g., eCOGRA, that confirms the RNG has not been tampered with. Top regulatory bodies confirm the presence before issuing a license. 

Partnership with Reputable Software Providers

The giant casinos only list slots developed by famous software suppliers. They know the reputation of such a casino software company is on the line. The provider builds software that protects against hacks.

Ways Some People have been known to Cheat Online Slots

Since online slots are made of software, here are the only possible means one can cheat when playing slot title games. 


If you are technologically savvy, you may have heard of bots. Bots here don’t mean the vast mechanical machines whirring around. Bots here refer to computer programs that try to find a loophole in the RNG to exploit. 

As we stated, the RNG is always inspected to rule out foul play by hackers. 

Computer Bugs

Everyone has experienced a bug in their software across any internet-enabled device. Slots are no different. While this may be rare, bugs can appear. Some players pay software programmers to intentionally install bugs on the software to use it for their benefit. 

How to ensure you’re not cheated by Online Slots

Before you jump on any slot, here are a few steps to take and protect your funds. 

  • Read online casino reviews. Online reviews of different slots can give you a headstart. Here, you can know if the software provider is legit and if there is an RTP.
  • Confirm if the online casino is licensed by reputable regulatory bodies. Before depositing at any casino, ensure the appropriate authorities approve the platform. A license means the gaming site is bound to be fair to its players.

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