The importance of employee motivation
A J.D Wetherspoon case study

Page 1: Introduction

A successful business understands its market and how best to differentiate its product so as to appeal to its target audience. It also knows how to recruit, train, develop, retain and motivate its employees. This case study looks at a company that is achieving all these goals.J D Wetherspoon owns and operates pubs across the UK and is the UK’s fastest-growing company (shown on a recent...
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Page 2: Business culture

The pattern of relationships within an organisation reveals its culture. In a hierarchical culture, decisions are made ‘on high’ and passed down to lower levels. In an inclusive culture, everyone is encouraged to take part in decision-making within multi-channel communications. Modern service industries require an open culture that encourages employees to participate...
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Page 3: Motivation

There is a big difference between motivating someone into wanting to do something and merely getting them to do it. The motivational theorist Frederick Herzberg noted that he could get even his dog to move by shouting at it or kicking it. He did not regard this as successful motivation. Successful motivation is based on appealing to an individual’s intrinsic drives rather than using external...
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Page 4: Maslow

Maslow identified a hierarchy of needs at eight levels. The first four are essential needs. The other four are life-enriching. Physiological needs are those of food, shelter and clothing. Safety needs are met by providing a non-threatening working environment free from danger and intimidation. Belongingness (a sense of belonging) can be created through good team-working. Esteem is fostered by...
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Page 5: Training and development

The company believes in creating a highly committed and motivated workforce made up of people who achieve personal fulfilment through the freedom to act given to them in their daily work. The company sees its workforce as a prime organisational asset that is motivated through a positive organisational culture, pay and benefits, as well as training and development.J D Wetherspoon recognises that...
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Page 6: Conclusion

Wetherspoon’s enlightened approach towards its workforce is soundly based and demonstrably successful. The company has recently won a range of awards that reflect its commitment to customers and employees. These include: Pub Company of the Year 2000 Retailer of the Year 2000 Retailers’ Retailer Award for Best Company 2000 National Innkeeping Training Award: supreme award for overall...
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