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Learn how to prevent phishing for your organization

Have you ever seen a phishing website on the internet? Well, there are so many published websites on the internet that are made for getting passwords. There are variations of conversation on the internet about phishing happens on the internet. Well, writing a trojan program is very hard and to pass it from the antivirus is even harder. That is why; many scammers use phishing scams to get information from people in an easy way. You need to run an awareness campaign in your organization about “how to stop phishing emails” and “how to prevent phishing attacks”.

How It Works?

You must be asking this question to yourself “how to prevent phishing”. To know the answer, you first need to understand how it works. To run a phishing scam, you need a clone of a secure website to fool the people. People always think that the link will go to the real site. But if a website is asking for your password, before accessing it may be a possible scam. People fall into the trap because they think it is an original website. So, they enter their username and password and the scammer gets them. You can visit to know, how to stop phishing attacks.

Some of the scammers are not good enough to make the same replica of the website. Sometimes, the colour is different from the original website. A person with little knowledge will not fall for it. But still, these guys, manage to pick up few suckers. Are you ready to enter your password and username on such sites? Well, you will do not want to give full access to your account. These fraudsters even redirect you to a real website after entering the login details. So, sometimes people do not know that they have given their login details to a total stranger. You will only know when you see that your bank account is empty. So, to know how to prevent phishing scams? First, you need to know how it works.

How You Can Prevent Phishing Attacks?

One of the most common ways is phishing emails. The employees in an organization often receive phishing emails. So, if you are working in an organization then you must have a phishing guide with you. Moreover, you can visit for tips about stopping phishing emails. One of the best ways is to check the web address of a website. Modern web browsers are not very focused on the address bar. You just type anything in the address bar and it will search it for you on google or any other search engine. But you need to be focused on the address bar as it is a very important resource to confirm the credibility of a website.

Another way is to check the design of the website. Some of the phishing websites are poorly implanted to convince a visitor. Moreover, you must check the HTTP protocol of the website. It is an old protocol and is not very secure. To see more tips on anti-phishing, you can visit

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