Continuous improvement within an organisation
A Leyland Trucks case study

Page 6: Conclusion

Continuous improvement helps a business to keep ahead.

It is a process that involves all employees within an organisation and is based on a culture of trust and empowerment. The results for Leyland Trucks in its full range of KPIs have been staggering.

For example, in 2006, there have been:

  • muliti-million pound savings resulting from Six Sigma
  • a rise in on-time delivery to over 95%
  • 10% reduction in mechanical defects per unit
  • 45% reduction in reportable injuries and 10% in minor injuries in the same period.

The important thing to remember about continuous improvement is that, as the process improves, the targets in the KPIs will also advance. This delivers an ongoing cycle of improvement.

Leyland Trucks | Continuous improvement within an organisation



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