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Live social streaming the future of digital marketing today

The world of marketing is always evolving, which means marketers have to always keep themselves updated on how best to reach their target customers and communicate their brand message more effectively. Innovative marketers are always on the lookout for what’s new and trending in the social media marketing space and finding ways to incorporate any new and valuable concept to their marketing plans to keep their brands relevant and competitive.

One strategy that has continued to gain traction over time in the digital market is video marketing.  And the future of video marketing is social live streaming.

If you think, as an entrepreneur or digital marketer, that video marketing is for video gamers, then think again. On the average, live videos get three times more engagement than regular videos.  And as we speak, about 63% of people aged between 18 and 34 are creating or watching live-streaming content. An even older demographic of 35-54 are not left out of the trend and regularly use live streaming.

It is estimated that by 2012 the video marketing industry will hit $70.5 billion; and the signs are all over the place and certainly not slowing down any time soon. Live streaming began to boom sometime in 2017 and the big social networks like Facebook and YouTube began to push their video marketing content.

But something better than just streaming your video content is here. Enter: Live Social Streaming.

Here’s how it works: rather than manually uploading your video marketing content when you want it live, you simply sign up to the  social live stream app, log into your account and upload your video on your preferred social media streaming platform.  Then schedule it to go live and relax. Make sure to tick all the boxes so your target consumers or audience can get notification when the content goes lives for your big announcement, webinar, video conference, product launch or any other significant brand messages.

Simply turn any pre-recorded video file into a Live Stream on Facebook and YouTube, create events and start a live streaming instantly. No need to open your pc or phone. No technical skill required. Just set your campaign and you’re done. It’s 100% on autopilot.

So, go ahead and hold your visitors captive and boost engagement. Then share your Live Stream to all your pages, profiles and groups on social networks (Reddit, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, email list, et cetera). Unleash the power of viral traffic while your PC/phone is turned off

As a marketing professional or business owner, you save time and save money compared with, for example, Facebook or YouTube ads. It’s a great way to grab the attention of your customers and offer them real value and leverage Facebook’s and YouTube’s massive audiences.  With the Social Live Streaming app, you can now unleash the power of the two biggest social media platforms and get viral traffic on auto pilot.

With a onetime payment (and no monthly fee), you get to capture the attention of your followers and fan base and increase engagement. The app works in all niches, is cloud-based and 100% compliant with Facebook & YouTube.

What’s more? When you sign up, you get 3 bonuses to go with the app plus a 30 days money back guarantee. The extras for include a free video training to learn how to use the social live stream software, a lifetime licence to Facebook group promoter software, and a Facebook messenger automation video course.

Need more reasons while Social Live Stream might be the current missing link in your marketing blueprint for success in 2019?

Social Live Streaming helps your brand engage more actively with your target audience in real time

It’s an open secret that over the last few years, people now watch more video content than ever before, whether on the go or on their mobile phones and Ipads or on their PCs. Just like television, online videos keep people updated on the latest happenings and brand product or service offerings.

But with Social Live Streaming, marketers get something extra. Consumers are actively engaged and connected to your brand in real time, with less hassles on the part of the marketer.  Viewers get excited about your company, products or services and, unlike TV, are able to interact with your brand more. With this, you can establish a greater connection with your target audience and bring them closer you. It opens a great channel of communication and creates a sense of community with your followers or fan base on Facebook or YouTube.

While televisions still retains that known element of formality and presenters tend to be stiff, Social Live Streaming removes these artificial boundaries. Thus, you are able to create a genuine relationship with your viewers as they can identify and relate with the brand or presenter.

Your video marketing gets a human face to it; and because it’s live, even when you make a mistake, you and the viewers can laugh over it, and get on with the broadcast. It gives the interaction authenticity and identification with the viewers. It makes the content relatable and the brand more trustworthy.

What you get is increased brand exposure, better lead generation for your business and more followers for your brand. Yes, followers who love your content will quickly find and share your live videos with their own friends so they too can see it.

All of these with your video marketing content fully automated with Social Live Streaming while you focus on other areas of company growth and administration. It’s a cost-effective way to reach and grow your online audience. You don’t require a large investment to market your product or reach your target audience with your message.

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