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Local lotteries – Now available globally

When we think about lotteries, our mind either goes to all those dreams you would like to achieve if you ever won that jackpot or to the places where we choose our lucky numbers. Oftentimes they could be either lottery booths, gas stations, stores or any other place for gambling. Nevertheless, most of us consider the local lottery as the one to play on.

The online gambling environment has changed in a fast pace meaning that also lotteries have found their way to gambling websites. Some sites are casinos while offering lottery as an extra service whereas others are only focused on offering the best lotteries and greatest deals for lottery lovers.

In this article you will learn about how local lotteries found their way to global audiences in India. The case is however applicable to any country as the lotteries truly are global and there are not many limitations as to who can play what. Lastly, the article discusses three most attractive lotteries loved worldwide – EuroMillions, PowerBall as well as MegaMillions.

The history of the lottery in a nutshell

Although it is challenging to pinpoint when lottery truly started to become common to play, there are early signs of the game from as far as the Chinese Han Dynasty. In Europe, it may not come as a surprise that Romans engaged in an early version of the lottery – after all, Romans enjoyed their life to the fullest. In modern history, countries such as England, France and finally Spain adapted a proper system for organizing lotteries. All in all, lotteries have come a long way from being a line on a stone to bet on to the modern and complex system where people all around the world may enjoy the game online wherever they are.

Lotteries in India – what lottery games Indian players love?

Lottery is not only a thing for the Western countries. Indians have engaged in lottery games for a long time. Some of the famous Indian lotteries are Kerala Lotteries which started in the late 60s. These lotteries are run by the state which is not unusual. Currently, there are 7 different Kerala State Lotteries available – one for each day. Besides a lottery run by one state in India, the Lotto India has been a popular lottery game to play. Held two times in a week, the jackpots are not small.

In recent years, international lotteries are seen as an attractive alternative to lotteries run by the state. One of these is EuroMillions which is played by many Indians. International online gambling sites have noticed the interest by Indians to gamble. Although many engage in playing slot machines and live casino games online, online lotteries have found their way to India. From the comfort of one’s home one may pick any lottery game, numbers, bets and play any global lottery. If you are more curious about where to play online lottery in India, just a simple Google search will take you far.

Why play international lotteries?

One may ask whether there is any reason to shift from local lotteries to global lotteries. The reason is simple – the jackpots are bigger and the games are oftentimes more exciting. There are more side bets and side games to try one’s luck on and, let’s face it, 5 million dollars sounds nothing compared to 300 million dollars. Another advantage is that online lottery sites often have offers where players can choose to participate in. Promotions like get 3 and pay for 2 are common.

The top 3 most exciting lotteries

Desire to know more about lotteries? Although many national and local lotteries have kept their popularity, some lotteries are considered truly global due to their nature and sheer size. There are many major lotteries, but EuroMillions, Powerball and MegaMillions definitely take the cake when it comes to popularity. As mentioned, EuroMillions is a popular online lottery in India. But the lottery itself originates back to Europe. Being relatively young, this millionaire making lottery started in 2004. The first draw took place in Paris, France and was played only in France, Spain and the United Kingdom. The same year 6 more countries joined the lottery. Later on, the size of the jackpots increased and the game became available internationally.

In the land of big dreams and opportunities, Powerball and Megamillions exist. Having the biggest jackpots in any lottery in the world, both lottery games come from the United States of America. Both games have relatively simple basic rules which is to choose lucky numbers and hope for the best. However, players are able to add so many add-ons, extra games or play just some of the side games that familiarizing oneself may take a bit of time. But for the sake of maybe winning 373 million dollars, who would not?

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