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How to invest in online gaming

The sports industry is huge and worth billions of dollars. But it’s the iGaming field where the real growth is happening. Commonly known as eSports, the field consists of competitive online gaming, including online casino games.

Last year, as most industries recorded declined revenues, the iGaming sector recorded a growth rate of 10.7%. For serious investors, buying eSports related stocks is a great investment. Almost every country with a solid iGaming industry recorded growth rates. In China, the industry grew by 14% in 2017, driving investors to the country tenfold.

Apart from buying stocks, here are simple ways to make money from online gaming.

Play Casino Games

Casino games are thrilling. And depending on what games you play, you can make some decent money off gaming. Roulette is fun full and takes little time to learn. Blackjack involves playing against a dealer and has its thrills. Whichever game you choose, there is a chance to make money playing online games.

If you are serious about making money playing casino games, know the rules. Not all casinos casino games are worth playing for the money. Skill-games require that you learn the tricks. Non-skill-games involve luck but may also require you to be smart. Choose the right games and stick to them only if you can consistently win.

Make more money by taking advantage of free slot machines and no deposit bonuses. Join more than one casino and try out your luck by playing new games. Becoming a serious casino gamer asks for patience. Accept losses and manage your wins to have more profits at the end of your career.

iGame Betting

One of the easiest ways to make money in the iGaming sector is to place bets on your favorite eSport matches. Around the world, about 12 major tournaments are held in different cities. Each tournament attracts prize rewards in the upwards of $1 million.

Like any other betting event, sports requires due diligence before you place any bets. Many of the competitors are first-time professionals. Without proper research, you risk backing players with little likelihoods of winning.

Not every betting company support eSports. If you decide to invest in the sport’s betting field, research which companies support the games. Most of the new casino sites coming in 2019 are expected to feature iGaming competitions. Already, more than ten of the biggest betting companies support the sport. Join more than one site and compare odds before placing any bets.

Sports Betting

If iGaming doesn’t cut it for you, venture into traditional sports betting. The sports betting industry is worth an estimated $20 billion. Hundreds of people earn millions of dollars from sports-related betting. With an average betting jackpot giving out $1 million, you have a chance change your life with a single bet.

You can bet on any sport. Choose a favorite sport and research about it. Football, basketball and other major sports are easier to stake on because you can always find betting tips online. Many bookies also support games from popular sports. Take time before you start sports betting. Learn the scientific aspect of match winning.

Become an Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the business of promoting another business’ services and getting paid for every customer you refer to them. If you are poor at casino games, marketing casino businesses is a great way to make money in the industry.

It is easy to start an affiliate website. The work is simple enough as you all do is to promote casino products. You can specialize in reviewing online casinos and their games. Venture into sports betting and promote the bookies’ odds. Alternatively, target casino owners and promote casino game developers.

While starting the business is easy, making money asks for a lot of hard work. You get paid when you refer a customer that buys. You could review casinos and have thousands read your content, but if no one buys what you promote, you get nothing in the end. In the casino business, you must understand what fans love. Promote the right services and become patient as it may take time before you make it.

Become an Online Casino Dealer

Working for a casino is exciting and fun. It is also not your 9-5 day job. If you choose to work online, you can work at any time. You interact with people you may never meet but experience the pristine casino environment. As a live dealer, you welcome players and help them set wagers. You remind them of rules and ensure the game runs smoothly.

Most dealers start their job by completing a short online course. Dealers are required to be sociable and patient. Even though you deal with online players, they play at different paces. Some players are highly cautious, and you must learn how to handle them.

Another important skill is arithmetic. In land-based casinos, dealers must understand mental arithmetic to work efficiently with players. Online dealers are better off as the platform does the math automatically. With the right qualifications, you can earn as much as $41,000 as a casino dealer.

Start an Online Casino

Starting an online casino can take less than 20 minutes. Getting a license, game providers and getting the business to run takes time. Although not all licenses are expensive, some are pricey. Finding the right provider is where the work lies. With the right games, applying for a license is easy.

Countries like Malta allow you to license your online casino with a few easy steps. In some countries, you can complete the licensing process online without ever visiting the country. Once licensed, set up payment methods and market your business.

The online casino field is ever changing. If you want to succeed, adopt the new trends. People are attracted to payment methods like bitcoin. They are loyal to professionally managed casinos with good customer services and appreciate transparent platforms.

To Conclude

There are many ways you can make money off casinos. Decide whether to play casino games or start your own site. Do what you are passionate about. You may earn more money gambling but becoming a dealer could be more rewarding. Invest your time and effort and become patient until you succeed.

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