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Losing Leads? Try New Techniques To See Your Business Thrive

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It happens from time to time. You lose leads. Sometimes they’ll come in naturally, whether from referrals or organic traffic (being either online or walk-ins) and sometimes they’ll come in nicely from ads or outreach methods. Other times, things might dry up. It’ll feel like nothing is working and you might end up falling into a bit of a rut. It happens in all businesses. Whether small or large. Especially if it coincides with you losing one of your larger clients or customers. Sometimes, the business’s actual survival could be in question if everything bad happens at once.

Here are some other techniques which can help your business through the dry patch and see you pull in some more leads added to digitalroo.co.uk.

Focus on Quality Information

If the leads stop coming in, that means you have to take the bull by the horns and find them yourself. Always be proactive instead of reactive. For example, if you’re reaching out to businesses to sell to it’s useful to have the correct B2B data at hand to inform your selling. If you know about a business, you can sell it properly. If it comes across like you’re reading from a script. And that you’re saying the same thing to everyone it won’t come across as genuine. The reality is, each business is different so do your research and work out how you can solve one of their problems. If you approach them in a bespoke, tailored way, you’ll have a far greater chance of success.

Pivot To A Different Target Audience

Sometimes all you need to do is take a look at your business from a wider viewpoint. Are there other clients, either businesses or end-users, who can make use of what you offer? Sometimes slightly changing what you offer can open up your offerings to a whole new range of clients. It might be in bypassing businesses you sell to and targeting individual customers. The prime example comes with Netflix, which used to be a direct-to-door physical DVD rental service. Sometimes, it might be too much of a jump which requires an investment of both money and time, in which case it may not be applicable. Certainly worth thinking about though. 

Be Customer Friendly

You can do this pretty easily. It’s a simple case of auditing your systems and processes to ensure your business is customer-friendly. You can do this no matter if you offer a service online, or if you offer one in person. For example, if you own a store or restaurant, you can ensure that you accept multiple types of payment instead of just one. You can apply this to an online setting too by ensuring you accept credit cards, PayPal, instalments (if a large ticket item) etc. It’s just a case of making you and your business as accessible and open as possible. You may think there’s better business advice out there but it’s a simple case of ensuring that you don’t give your clients an excuse to engage any blockers which might stop them from parting with cash. If it isn’t too much trouble on your part, always ensure their needs are met as best possible.

Have You Considered Different Selling Platforms

It doesn’t matter whether you offer a service or a product. There may be different platforms out there you can benefit from. If there are platforms with huge amounts of users, like Amazon. For example, there’s no harm in creating your selling platform within the store. The downside is that you’ll make less of a profit due to Amazon, or whichever third-party selling platform you use, charging fees. However, it’s a brilliant idea for brand recognition. Finding the right level of Amazon sales growth can be pretty tough, but having a lot of other people see your brand and products elsewhere is pretty powerful. The same can be said of any service you provide and offer elsewhere than your website.  It might not be a long-term solution but in the short term, it can certainly help you pull in more leads. 

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