Making the best use of limited resources


Introduction One of the challenges facing every organisation today is how to make best use of its limited resources. In any aspect of business, there should be no room for poor use of resources through inefficiency, wasteful administration and poor co-ordination of activities. Nowhere is this more true than in the case of a charitable organisation. Money provided for good causes is at a premium – it needs to be used effectively because the beneficiaries are in urgent need. This case study examines how War Child, one of this country’s fastest growing influential charities, ensures it works in an effective way. Effective organisations are ones which have clear goals and overarching strategies. They know where they are going and establish methods of ensuring that these strategies are effectively put into practice. War Child is an international aid agency dedicated to improving the lives of children affected by war around the world. War Child is involved in relief work, such as the delivery of emergency food and medical supplies into war zones or supporting those who have been forced to flee their homes because of conflict. War Child is also involved in developmental initiatives, such as the rehabilitation of war-traumatised children…

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