Meeting needs in a competitive sector


Introduction Go-Ahead is one of the UK’s leading providers in the fields of bus, rail and aviation support services. The company employs over 24,000 people nationally. Around 800 million passenger journeys are made on its services annually.  The business’ recent achievements are reflected in: turnover growth (the value of revenue from sales)operating profit (the profit it makes from day-to-day transport activities)These figures show major growth in sales and profits. Go-Ahead typically operates in densely populated areas, where its expertise lies in getting people to places on time in a clean, reliable and fuel-efficient way. Deregulation Go-Ahead’s history is closely tied to the story of transport privatisation in this country. The company was created as a result of bus privatisation and deregulation in 1986. Previously buses had operated in the public sector. Privatisation took the various bus companies into private company ownership while deregulation gave bus companies the freedom to set where and when bus services could operate. Previously, local authorities had controlled this. After deregulation, Go-Ahead successfully bid to take over the bus operation in Tyne & Wear and parts of County Durham in a management buy-out. In 1994 it then became a public limited company one in which anyone…

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